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19 February 2010


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Dan M

If only his name had been used on one of those passports in Dubai...



Dan M

There are people far better at understanding this than 1. Nozette lost a bid to have evidence surpressed.
2. Nozette's request for the prosecution evidence agaisnt him be shared ("discovery") has not been ruled on. Essentially, the prosecution has been given more time with the evidence to itself.
3. The USG has to file for the trial in four weeks.

This seems to mean (though i could be misreading and if so someone will be along to correct me shortly) that Nozette's trial is being seriously pursued and a lot of nasty laundry is going to be coming out of the wash at trial.

IRmep Books

History suggests that Nozette will never face any serious consequences.

Ben-Ami Kadish was fined and slapped on the wrist.

Milchan never faced consequences for his involvement in the klystron incident.

Indyk, Bloomfield, and Rosen of AIPAC never faced any prosecution for the ITC-USTR classified document incident in 1985. In 2009, Rosen and Weissman's espionage case was dropped.

The IAI tie and Nozette's blatant wiretaps make this a "must suppress" for the Israel lobby. Look for a major technical violation on the prosecution side, or a national security/classified information issue to enter the picture.

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