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27 February 2010


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Russ Wagenfeld

Actually the lightly regarded team of Slovak girlie boys gave the star studded Canadian team quite a scare in the 3d period of their match. Not bad ay?


Way to talk smack, Colonel.

different clue

I haven't been watching the olympics, but if it was sports fans saying that; maybe it is the sort of thing that rude sports fans say in every country.

England has its soccer hooligans but England isn't all soccer hooligans.

different clue

(Oh. I read the prior olympics thread and see where that remark came from.)


No more being the strawmen for your duty free booze or perfume.


So, the comment of one individual, who purports to be Canadian, has sullied your view of the entire country? You must therefore have never heard any citizens of the United States badmouth Canada ever. Correct?

I thought you were a little more mature than this.


Come on Pat, the speaker was being ironic thus "We will make your team into Slovak girlie boys?" is hardly the most offensive of insults. If anything, it was a back-handed compliment.
BTW, haven't you read about the recent bad blood between Algeria and Egypt over a soccer match which ended in a number of deaths and might have resulted in war between the two countries even though it is well known that neither team can play decent soccer and both countries' supporters are all ladyboys.


Not being Canadian, permit me to say, it's just a hockey game. Fans of a particular sport, be it Hockey, football (American or European) tend to speak in rough terms and sometimes act rough too. I seldom take it as a reflection of the national sentiment.


This is one of those irony things isn't it?

William R. Cumming

Next time we invade a country should be CANADA. Set Quebec free so that N.Americans have a place with decent playgrounds, great food and great people.
My namesake arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia in 1797 as a 17 year old (probably on the run) with two books. A Bible and a book captioned "The Young Man's Best Companion". Or perhaps just let the Canadians invade us so that we can break the current political deadlock in Washington. By the way President Obama signed a one year extension to many Patriot Act provisions. Privacy protections eliminated in the US Senate.

Patrick Lang


It's not the game that angers me. It's the attitude. pl

Mark Gaughan

Relax, have a wee dram of Ardbeg, and enjoy the game. Go USA!

R Whitman

Pat---These people are jocks and this is only a game. Do not take it so seriously. Its not the end of the world. Save your anger for something important.

BillWade, NH

I'll be imbiding in more than a few Labatts Blue Lights (only .50 a can here)during the game. When I complained to a store clerk in Montreal about the price up there he said, "it's a good thing they aren't .50 here, they'd ALL be drunk ALL the time, lol.

Go USA!! Though, I doubt this current team could have ever beaten the late 50s St. Catharines Black Hawks.

Russ Wagenfeld

I think it is a mistake to consider these games as just hockey games. Success in international hockey games is an important part of Canadian national identity. Those of us old enough to remember the 1972 series between Canada and the USSR remember how shaken the Canadians were by early defeats and how vindicated they felt when they finally won. I have been privileged to play with a lot of Canadians over the years including former NHL players. Today's game is IMPORTANT to all Canadians.


The Canuks always seem to have a way to irritate their American cousins. My dad (2nd generation french canadian immigrant) could hardly stand to visit the "home country."

For the record, my family is at least 1665 immigrants to New France; although there is mention of the family name as far back as 1621 with Champlain and his fights with "The Iroquois." (Sadly, this mention ends in young death at the hands of "les sauvages.")


Brian Hart

Its like being taunted by a ginger haired cousin. There are so many possible comebacks - but is it worth the effort.

Charles I

yeah, like well playing losers

William P. Fitzgerald III

Pat Lang,

The Canadian and American girls played a wonderful ice hockey game, but I thought that attitude on the American side was a little iffy. At the end of the game the Americans apparently felt that they were required to appear to be distraught and to regard the silver medal, with which they were presented, somewhat distastefully. My award for the competitors displaying the least examples of bad attitude, petulance, etc. goes to the snow boarders. The figure skaters, I suppose because of the nature of the competition, seem to be the most self absorbed. They provided a wonderful spectacle, however. Anyway, it's been a great Olympics, and Vancouver, Madame Fitzgerald's hometown, looks beautiful. I think the Canadians sense that they're not going to win this game, hence the trash-talking.


William P. Fitzgerald III


Is that the shoulder patch of the 1st Special Service Regiment?


FB Ali

Knowing Charles, I believe the comment which has upset Col Lang was made with tongue firmly in cheek.

As a Canadian, but not born as one (and thus with also another perspective), I find that the attitudes here towards the USA are quite complex. There does exist a large number of people who harbour 'anti-American' sentiments (but the objects of their derision are things in the US that many Americans also dislike). These same people also find many things in the USA which they like and admire. It's not all that simple.

Got A Watch

Coming from a nation that has major sports figures routinely trash talking each other on national TV, this seems somewhat thin skinned.

Or you are surprised that most Canadians don't really like Americans? Hmmm. I took an informal poll a while back at a party, out of 40 some people, only 2 expressed support or great liking for Americans. The rest, well, you don't want to know, it wasn't pretty. Obama is personally popular here, but that is about it.

Most individual Americans have no influence or great support for decisions made in Washington, from what I read. But to outsiders there is no distinction made, you are judged as a national whole by the actions and statements of your Government. Like any other nation.

Having been on the other end of American arrogance from your fellow citizens directed towards Canada on numerous occasions, I fail to see what your point is.

We stick close to you for trade and economic reasons because of geography. Other than that, I don't see that we have much interests in common. The '100 War on Terra' has very little support in Canada, as it should.

Canadians are very different from Americans, mostly far to the left side of the political spectrum beyond US Democrats, toward what many Americans would call "Communist" or "Socialist", even our "right-wingers". Americans tend to be the opposite.

Small wonder there is a culture clash over a divide that wide. I will apologize for Charles I, I think he was kidding there, but it may be he was serious.

We are taking our men and going home soon. If I was in charge, we would have sent none to Afghanistan in the first place, just like we did with the Iraq file. Don't be confused by Harper Government statements, he has always been an American wannabe. One of the (many) reasons why he can't win an election with a majority.

For Canadians, hockey is far beyond just a game, it is a central issue of national pride, and whatever the outcome there are likely to be riots here after the game, either from joy or anger. I don't see any difference between that and say the World Cup of soccer in other countries.

It's a part of human nature stemming from our tribal roots. Nobody likes the tribe over the hill.


Calm down.

After all Ann Coulter went on Fox news and said about Canada "better hope the United States doesn't roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent."


Patrick Lang


Exactly. pl

Patrick Lang


More specifically, the "Special Service Force," about a brigade in size. pl

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