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21 January 2010


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So the National Journal now has 'Brownie' of Katrina fame commenting on disasters like Hati. I thought that Mr. Brownie had been shown to be missing a few in the decision wise department regarding his stint as FEMA director.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_D._Brown and

I wonder how much that Flatiron Advisors, LLC are paying Mr. Brown, and why the National Journal is using his inputs. http://security.nationaljournal.com/contributors/Brown.php


There doesn't seem to be anybody in charge here at home either. Corporate America knows they've squeezed the last nickel out of that mess.

William R. Cumming

The Haiti Earthquake is the largest scale human disaster occurring in the Western Hemisphere since Columbus landed with all the disease vectors that followed. You ain't seen nothing yet.

Charles I

Mr Scheuer doesn't seem much of a multi-tasker, does he?

On the other hand, new horizons in urban planning beckon. There is now reporting about the robustness of one-story shantytown structures transmogrified into desirable habitation amidst the more civilized rubble.

I share WRC's optimism that more, and greater calamities await, each with wide scale cascading effects on global systems. Every state will learn the limits of its agency to be sure

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