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11 January 2010


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Sir. While Im a cynical of the current administration as the next guy, you might find it in you to spare a hopeful thought to the ME people the administration has taken in from the cold, such as Lynch and the CNAS crew. I dont think that group of people, nor some of the military folks from what I read, are very unhappy with a strong, politicaly involved Hezbollah. Even Israel has toned down some of its rhetoric lately, preferring to whip the Gazans to keep their macho.

Erdogan was out today being strongly anti-Israeli policies, and that seems to me to be a new and major development. It is noticable that one of Obamas first stops were Turkey, putting down a wreath on Ataturks grave. (And bowing, lol). It may hopefully be that slowly, over the next two years, the stranglehold on US policy by Israel may be loosened as I see it. Nethanyahus gamble that a sufficient number of political actors would be able to continue to over-ride professional actors is a bold one, i must say?

Question to you US folks: How terrorized are folks really? Because the reaction to the testicle-bomber seems totaly out of proportion.

Hope Im not still banned here ;-)

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