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29 January 2010


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David Habakkuk


Israel is there for good because it has 100 nukes and will use them against ANYONE.

Nuclear weapons were relevant to the problems of yesteryear -- when the threat to Israel was that of massed Arab armies pushing the new state into the sea.

A central problem facing Israel now -- as both Olmert and Netanyahu have stressed -- is that highly educated and sophisticated elites on which the country depends can depart for safer places. To this problem, nuclear weapons are of very little relevance.

As to the suggestion that Israel will use its nukes 'against ANYONE', it is not clear to me what you mean. Should U.S. nuclear planners be making plans for a preemptive strike to disable Israeli nuclear capabilities?



It seems that the Israeli nuke toys are in decline, as in they messed up their Dimona reprocessing with an 'accident' that has put them in gridlock as far as reprocessing for their nuke warheads. That appears to be their main impetus behind the Israelis shuddering regarding Iran having even a modicum of nuclear ability (civilian power or otherwise) as the Iranians at a point will 'get ahead' of the Israelis and then the Israel bully will no longer have a billy club with which to threaten others (including our U.S.).

Israel therefore sets its sites on stealing our U.S. nuke tech and other U.S. advancements to try and negate their Dimona 'accident'. D.C. would be well advised to kick out and close off all Israeli access to 'all' U.S. nuke tech R&D that is going on.
That's my personal recommendation anyways.

Clifford Kiracofe


I was speculating more down the road say 30 years or so when, around 2040 or 2050 AD/CE, demographers indicate that statistically it appears "European" Americans will be in the minority here in the USA.

I myself will be quite dead by then but one does think of the potential for increasing "tribalization" here in the United States in the coming decades. We can notice what tribalization is doing around the world these days...

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