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29 January 2010


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Col. Lang,

As I've said before, I personally watched an Israeli engineer trying it in the 1990's. I was told then that the U.S. State Department was well aware of Israel's spying proclivities.


Col Lang et al,

Given all that you know about this espionage, the Israelis, and the US political system, is this even stoppable at this point?

Let us assume, just for the hell of it, a President came to power whose secret goal was to eliminate Israeli espionage. Is there anything he could even do about it? Or would he be swallowed whole if he tried?

Is it possible that real US interests would be better served by a serious change in the middle east's balance of power?


When I read Brooks' piece in the Times, I immediately thought of all the things that have been stolen from us to help them. Mr. Giraldi lays it all out nicely. The really aggravating thing is how brazenly this spying gets done.



What you failed to mention was/is that the Israelis on many many occasions have 'intentionally' (with malice and forethought) sold/traded their stolen U.S. secrets to the Soviets/now Russians and/or the Chinese, and various drug lords which was/is to the detriment of U.S. National security. You say you don't hold it against them, I have to strongly disagree. I DO hold it against them, I DO blame them for putting our U.S. in unnecessary harms way. Israel is an enemy more insidious than an in-your-face declared enemy, Israel masks their enemy intentions under the guise of an 'ally'. Israel is an 'affair of the heart' that stabs our U.S.'s heart at every given opportunity. And I DO blame them for that as well!

Cloned Poster

I think Obama's legacy will be like Bush I, standing up to Israel, and he will suffer the same fate.

Patrick Lang


I don't think anyone who seriously intends to re-establish US sovereignty can obtain a major party nomination. pl

Charles I

Readers interested in more detail on specific operations, and how well orchestrated, widely supported, including by Americans, and much more vitally, how politically protected Israeli ops are in general may look here for starters,

Enemies : how America's foes steal our vital secrets--and how we let it happen, by Bill Gertz, Crown Forum, 2006


Gideon's spies : the secret history of the Mossad, by Thomas Gordon, St Martin's Presss, 1999.

It appears there are a lot of loyal Americans who resent Israel for a myriad reasons on a continuum form tiresome chutzpah to inhumane colonialism to espionage to the heinous crime against the Liberty. Bit by bit, it appears that the public indifference to Israel's actions is being eroded by the blustery hectoring that it uses diffuse criticism of ever more egregious behaviour.

Little tipping points appear to be impending all about Israel. The boorish contretemps with Turkey, followed this week with news from a newly revamped Debkafile that Turkey has booted a secret Israeli listening post - off limits to Turkish personnel - from Turkish military headquarters, is yet another tocsin likely to go unheeded.

There may yet come a time when one incident engenders a public backlash politicians cannot, or better yet, will not suppress despite the best, noisiest efforts of Gideon's wurlitzer.

Charles I

ps here's the Debkafile cite, sorry.

Turkey's ruling Muslim party: Israeli intelligence ran eavesdropping station from Ankara


Sidney O. Smith III

From what I can and admittedly looking at from a distance, the DOJ and/or intel community could take some measures that (have not yet been taken that, in turn)would enhance the likelihood of successful prosecutions in espionage cases, once probable cause is established, a warrant issued, and an arrest made.


Thus, it follows, that no major party wishes to "re-establish US sovereignty".

I think that's true.



What do you know about espionage in Israel - specifically that conducted by us in Israel? If it is extensive, as I presume, since we have a need to know & learn about Israel's tactics, lessons learned & latest military developments (UAVs anyone?). Does our espionage create the hushed status quo of non-persecuted espionage. How many of our spies have been identified & ignored by Israel's security apparatus? Or do we have free reign into all their military-industrial complex knowledge that we need not practice espionage there?



Personally, I don't think anyone who carries a dual passport--from any other country, not just Israel--should participate in our government.

Patrick Lang


I was the head of US DoD intelligence liaison with Israel for seven years.

Our exchanges with them were very one sided. We fed them. Tthey fed us very little of value. Their strategic analysis was poor and what they gave us was colored by paranoia.

There is no "truce" over spies with the Isrtaelis.

You will not believe that of course. pl

William R. Cumming

How long would Israel last if no longer a de facto US protectorate?
Soverignity starts with citizenship--by blood or birth--so eliminating dual citizenship is the very first step to restoring US soverignity.

Patrick Lang


That's too bad. I would like to have a Canadian passport. I was on my mother's Canadian passport as a child, picture and all, until she was naturalized US. No one asked me about my opinion about that.

I took this up with the Canadian government when Chretien was PM. Nothing.



From Israel's point of view, it's a brilliant strategy. War equipment represents one of their few competitive advantages. So they steal from the guy with all the advanced technology. And they do what they can to make sure the technology pipeline stays open. They lend their efforts to support increased funding for Pentagon research by making sure that the US and Israel share common threats, like Iran, that can be presented as terrifying bogeymen to the gullible American public.



The Canadian government amended the citizenship act in 2008. I'm not sure if it applies to you (if you lost your citizenship under the 1947 act), but this wikipedia article also mentions a permit to be granted at the Minister's discretion for cases prior to that.


Good luck,



hear, hear col lang...three cheers for your blog on that little ole ally of ours in the middle east and their agents of influence within our dear country.

Buzz Meeks

Gas up the Enola Gay

Buzz Meeks


Ron Paul has this article over at Lew Rockwel dot com


"We got here because ideas do have consequences. Bad ideas have bad consequences, and even the best of intentions have unintended consequences. We need to know exactly what the philosophic ideas were that drove us to this point; then, hopefully, reject them and decide on another set of intellectual parameters."

"Early in our history, the advocates of limited, constitutional government recognized two important principles: the rule of law was crucial, and a constitutional government must derive “just powers from the consent of the governed.” It was understood that an explicit transfer of power to government could only occur with power rightfully and naturally endowed to each individual as a God-given right. Therefore, the powers that could be transferred would be limited to the purpose of protecting liberty. Unfortunately, in the last 100 years, the defense of liberty has been fragmented and shared by various groups, with some protecting civil liberties, others economic freedom, and a small diverse group arguing for a foreign policy of nonintervention."


WRC; Israel is there for good because it has 100 nukes and will use them against ANYONE.


I the long run, the womb is more potent than the bomb. And while we each of us will be individually dead in that long run, those of the poor and downtrodden who have nothing but time on their hands currently, will see to it that we are replaced by others not at all like us. It is the inevitable logic of soft weapons.

Clifford Kiracofe

1. The last president to defy the Zionist Lobby was Eisenhower over the Suez Crisis of 1956, an election year no less. Been downhill since then with respect to the White House/Executive Branch.

As for Congress, these days one could reasonably argue the Zionist Lobby (both the "Jewish" and "Christian" wings) influences at least three-quarters of the Senate and same for the House.

So..do the math, and change is not likely as the Zionist Lobby is growing stronger not weaker. Foreign capitols see this as do foreign publics.

2. As to alternative citizenship, one might argue that Jefferson and Adams were correct in believing that the American Experiment could come to a bad end for various reasons they enumerated.

As this republic moves more fully through the current phase shift to a certain Fascism administered by an oligarchic-plutocratic elite, some in the younger generation may seek outmigration options to Europe or Australia or New Zealand, etc.

For example, those with European ancestry might consider moving "back" to Europe and to the "Old Country" despite the present "Eurabia" phenomenon.

Would the EU come to grant citizenship upon application to Americans who can prove "European" ancestry? Or if Americans of Europeam ancestry moved back to a European country from which their ancestors came then perhaps citizenship might be organized on the basis of that country. Etc.

Meanwhile, the United States could, for instance, evolve into an Afro-Mexican Third World state governed by a mixed oligarchic-plutocratic elite dominated by the Zionists both "Jewish" and "Christian."

Cold War Zoomie

As this republic moves more fully through the current phase shift to a certain Fascism administered by an oligarchic-plutocratic elite, some in the younger generation may seek outmigration options to Europe or Australia or New Zealand, etc.

I have an old Air Force buddy who married a Brit. They stayed in the UK for about 5-6 years after getting married, then moved to the West Coast here in the States, and have been out there for about 10 years.

He is totally fed up with the current state of affairs, especially after the latest Supreme Court ruling that corporations can spend as much money as they want during elections.

He's no young pup, and would rather be back in the UK after these last 8 years of stupidity.

Nobody's going to grant entry to Americans in Western Europe, Australia or New Zealand. They've got to try to improve the employment options for their own.


So, now I understand why Giraldi found Brooks' piece curious.

It seems Dan Senor (Freedom Works, Iraq CPA and media maven husband) and a co author (Saul Singer, a Jerusalem Post editor) have a new book for sale: Start-up Nation.

Fred Hiatt made sure to give this little treasure some op-ed page space in this Morning's Post. After all, what's a little welfare among neo-con buddies?

Curiously, the review is quite tepid, but even the reviewer seemed unconvinced of the proposition that the Israeli Miracle is due solely to the plucky character of Israel's citizens: "The authors might have tried harder to place Israel's economic and technological success in the context of the broader political challenges facing the country and the region. By doing so, they could also have made the book sound less like part of a publicity campaign."

I guess this is as close as one can get to calling out Israel's perfidy in a neo-con run media. I supposed it is too much to expect Giraldi's piece to run on the same pages in the coming days?


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