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03 December 2009


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IRmep Books

Smith's book with a detailed damage assessment of Israeli (and its US lobby's) espionage against the US is now available through Amazon and other booksellers.



Col. Lang,

Years ago, Australia was unwise enough to buy IAI conversion kits to turn our B707's into air to air refuellers.

You would not be surprised to learn that IAI engineers decided that they needed very, very, very, detailed information about our F18's that would be sucking fuel from them.

I'd like to think they didn't get it, but when Israel threatened to bomb Iran in Gulf War One, and today threatens to bomb Iran, I think back to an IAI request for detailed IFF circuit diagrams - promptly refused, and the chutzpah of the engineer who made the request.

I would add that at that time there appeared to be little love lost between Israel and the U.S. State Department as State was well aware of the Israeli proclivities. Phrases such as "not till hell freezes over" described States attitude.


List of known tech transfer that is being repackaged and sold for export by Israel.

Hey, at least we know JF-17 performance (F-20/F-16 clone by way of lavi)


Russians next PAK-FA will be an interesting toy for sure.


anybody know what's the deal with Adam Ciralsky? that was supposedly connected to Israel too.

SAC Brat

Several years ago I worked for an airline that leased several airplanes that had been stored in a US desert and had to be brought back into service. IAI did the return to service work for the lease company that owned the airplanes. The planes were junk and all IAI did it seemed was to paint them, both on the outside and inside too (someone thought it was a good idea to paint everything in the wheelwells grey. Structure, hydraulic lines, cables, etc.) It took a while to make these planes serviceable after IAI handed them over as serviceable. I hope they provide/provided other customers with the same quality.


I am for Israel's survival as there is a whole generation of "sabras" who know no other home. But the scum warmongers who hold a US passport and dual citizenship, just in case, as the current "Israeli" Ambassador to US, they should inform the young sabras of that before they advocate of second the neocons who consider Israel a nice place to visit but wouldn't live there. I know so many like that who are so paranoid that they even have European passports in case they get caught in an American Krystalnacht. Their big ideological blah blah only comes with a way out for them; not in caring for their fellow Americans and the Israelis they so cheer on to war of expansion. Still, the best way to deal with these old Leninists for whom the old Lenin motto holds to this day: POLARIZE TO MOBILIZE-- thus defaming as anti-Semites” or “self-hating Jews” anyone who questions their hyperbolae-- is to confront them in MEANINGFUL DIALOGUE and responsible debate. We need teach-ins as we faced during the Vietnam War but they never showed up, sending us instead. Like Cheney, their Pax Americana was strictly cash and carry.


Along these lines:

An interesting article from Haaretz concerning the displeasure voiced by Aipac, and other pro-Israel lobbying groups, about the appointment of Chuck Hagel to an intelligence position.

As the article states,

"Every appointee to the American government must endure a thorough background check by the American Jewish community."


Patrick Lang


Does that mean that I am unlikely to be appointed to a position of "trust and confidence?" Sigh... pl


I think every appointee in the American govt should have a thorough background check by the American Catholic community, Presbyterian commmunity, Episcopal community and Lutheran community. Why does the American Jewish community think they are so special?


Your mention of "veteran manpower" is quite accurate and extend to Israel's nuclear program.

Post 1950 Israel not only relied on French technical and reactor/plutonium seperator construction support but also a constant stream of Jewish-American nuclear scientists. When US citizens they has signed US secrecy agreements regarding their training and nuclear weapons careers in the US but it was well understood by US authorities that Jewish-American scientists leaving half-way through their productive lives would impart their knowledge and labor on Israel's program. What would the US expect? - to withhold this essential weapons knowledge in Israel's endless hour of need?


Patrick Lang



"..it was well understood by US authorities that Jewish-American scientists leaving half-way through their productive lives would impart their knowledge and labor on Israel's program.."

Do you understand the implications of this for the rest of us in this assertion that you have made? pl


The Sampson Option, p.91 is an indicator "...a Jewish nuclear physisist named Raymond Fox had created high-level consternation by emigrating to Israel in 1957 from California, where he had access to weapons design information from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory...the question of "dual loyalty" should never be raised in public".

What could the US do? Ban its nuclear scientists from ever immigrating? Of course these scientists would have a strong loyalty to their newly adopted country - especially one desperately needing, and paying for, nuclear knowledge.

US conciousness of this process is not so surprising in the context of France actively nurturing the Israeli nuclear weapons effort by constructing the reactor complex (effectively a plutonium factory) at Dimona from the mid 50s.

This article by Mounzer Sleiman adds further background: http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2005/729/re101.htm

Obviously the US government would not set down its tolerance of nuclear immigration to Israel in writing. But given "dual loyalty" such movement was something experienced executives at such places as the DOE would consider likely.

DE Teodoru

The PROTUS Army War College conference on national secuirty to 2020 has several panels on Israeli interests led by obvious Zionists and no other nation as panel topic. What's the connection to ours?


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