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03 December 2009


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Congrats Pat!

Well deserved.

John Minnerath

Amazing numbers.
You're doing it right Colonel.
A great place here to read ideas and thoughts about the situations that affect us.

Maureen Lang

Another milestone in the SST history. Congratulations!

SAC Brat

Colonel, you're right up there with forest monks for firing off diamonds. Keep up the good work.

Clifford Kiracofe

Congrats and thanks for your effort!!!


Quality gets around and draws!

William R. Cumming

And numbers of posts and comments?

Patrick Lang






congratulations. i'm confident the next 4M will arrive in half the time it took the first 4M.

BillWade, NH



the attention is warranted


Congratulations Pat!

SST is an excellent source of analytical opinion on the reality of our times!

As an investor with several failures in start-up internet media properties, 4 million page views is a significant achievement considering the word of mouth manner through which it has been accomplished. Speaks to the quality of the content!

Thanks for your courage.


Col. Lang:

And this is only one of the many things you do well!



Colonel --

Your choice of Durer's "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" to accompany this auspicious announcement is interesting. Please elaborate....
....and congratulations on work well done.

Patrick Lang


So much of what we deal with here, and what I have dealt with over the decades has to do with war, pestilence, etc. that it seemed fitting. The atmosphere becomes so heavy here at times that a kazoo band makes a nice break. pat

Jan G

Congratulations.. and very much appreciated.


Col. Lang:

A kazoo band or a bunch of mandolin players!

I thought I was the only one.


Cold War Zoomie


Sherry Long

Not surprised, Colonel Lang. High quality analysis, always. Wonderful discussions in the comment section. And lively! Thank you again for the site.

Sherry and Rob De Mandel


Congratulations - and I am glad that I was against your quitting - when you were desperate and threatened to close the blog :)


You run a great blog Colonel, and certainly are due the respect and the audience.


Congrats, Colonel! This site is a treasure.


I am quite sure your writing is to open minded thinkers, military and civilian, what the draegermen are to miners.



Col. Lang,

Congratulations on producing a quality product that attracts thinking people.


Very early in the Bush Era, when I thought Rummy had the Pentagon marching in lock-step—all the star whores seeking his favor-- you stood up; and, upon retirement, you kept doing your duty. I deem an American patriot as he/she who would not allow to be done to "OUR" kids in the military what he/she would not allow done to his/her biologic kids. Alas, without a draft, most Americans suffer from "ain't my kid going to war" disconnect syndrome. For the rest who really wish to understand the mindset behind this post-9/11 catastrophic era, your blog has been a mooring that keeps us informed and sane. Thank you for doing your duty to the very end.

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