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09 December 2009


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Will this be covered by C-SPAN Book TV?

Patrick Lang


We did not think of that. pl


I hope you will post a link to the video on SST. If so, I will add to my FB page. I recommend your blog quite often.

Charles I

Wow, that would certainly broaden my perspectives. Have a good night.


I'll see if I can get some friends to attend for me (they are down the pike in Blacksburg). Traveling from Detroit is a bit of a hike on short notice.

William R. Cumming

Noting for the record that 126 women so far are graduates of VMI!
Hoping all are given a chance to read Catherine Marshall's wonderful book "A Soldiers Wife" a copy of which signed by both George and Catherine I donated to the VMI library. Interestingly never received a written thank you. The Marshall Collection/Library is a real national treasure. I wonder how many flag ranks know of his development of the 5 paragraph field order in WWI? How many KEYDETS? And to all why it was so significant to the performance of the Pershing Expeditionary Force in WWI and again in WWII! IMO of course, MARSHALL was the greatest soldier in ARMS in the 20th Century for any nation. A tribute to his family, upbringing, lineage, and of course training at the Institute. Those wondering how America became a great nation could do far worse than spending a few days in Lexington, VA.

Also recently voted one of the best small retirement towns in the US!

Sidney O. Smith III

I agree w/ “Annie”. Looks like a great lecture on tap. Wish I was Lexington way.

WRC’s info, supra., fascinates as well. Afghanistan and the Middle East…what would the great American, General Marshall, do?


Colonel Lang,

It is impressive that you developed a command of the Arabic language and became a Professor instructing in it.

Today, however, there is a shocking lack of persons loyal to this nation with a command of the number one language most plots and plans against the US are conducted in. It is often used internally between (dual) citizens to mask their evil intent. It is Hebrew.

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