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14 November 2009


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The Bibles were printed in Pashtun and Dawri (sic?) and eventually confiscated and destroyed by the military after seeing the first of these videos:





The British solved that problem in India with the British Indian Army - illiterate people, etc. In Afghanistan, as the goal is not imperial domination, it should be easier.

What is the external threat to Afghanistan that it needs an army right now? Does it need an army with NATO and US troops there? My answer is No.

We need civilian law and order apparatus, and for most part, foreign faces should not be seen in most villages. The policeman should be recruited from the village he is going to serve in, and answerable to the people there. If the Taliban is able to get recruits to fight for peanuts and an uncertain future, why is it difficult to recruit policemen? Make a few examples of those who misbehave, and reward those who don't. The regular laws of economics and incentives and disincentives work there.

Afghans ("Pathaans") traditionally have worked in India as security/nightwatchmen; why can't we enable them to take care of their own villages?

Ultimately Taliban won't attack Wanat if that attack turns the people there against them.


The Taliban are able to operate with exactly the same human raw material - well enough to shake a superpowers. Why can't we raise an effective police force? If Afghans will fight so tenaciously against outsiders for that abstraction of Afghanistan the nation, why won't they fight to defend their own villages?

Clifford Kiracofe

NR, optimax,

The soldiers, including the chaplain, appear to have been in clear violation of standing orders. The video clips seem to indicate a willful disobedience.

Per the copies of the New Testament in Dari and Pushtu:

I find this online as a potential source:

"Truth For Muslims is recognized by the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 organization."

It is part of Spear Ministries in Centreville, Virginia according to the website. One John Marion leads this effort and he, in turn, is a member of the Fair Oaks Church, a fundamentalist church in Fairfax, Virginia run by a David Stokes, a graduate of the fundamentalist "Bible Baptist Church" of Springfield, MO. http://www.davidstokes.org/About%20David%20R.%20Stokes.html



Did you notice Stokes' columns are posted on a website sponsered by the Richard Nixon Presidential Library? Strange--but so was Nixon.


dilbert dogbert

Thanks for the link to Ricks.
Looking at the photos on his blog about this action only brings to mind: Why the hell do we want to hold onto this barren land? If we can't gain resources (oil etc), good land, women, slaves and booty the place is not worth fighting over. Not one American soldier is worth a square Centimeter of this place.
The Russians got wise and left why can't we do the same?

Clifford Kiracofe


Interesting. When the press covered the Afghan Bible issue, they did not seem to dig very deeply. The stories reported that a soldier had obtained them from his church back home, and etc., "information management" from the military?

Ike despised Nixon. I agree with Ike.

In my book, "Dark Crusade," (London: IB Tauris, 2009) I explain in some detail the origins of the "Christian" Fundamentalists in the US and how they penetrated US national politics during the Cold War era.

DE Teodoru

Clinically, insane does not mean without a rational-sounding reason. Even schizophrenics will adopt a “story” that could make sense but is insane in time and space or motive and outcome. So what if Hasan yelled "Allah Akbar" or communicated with a radical mullah? Would you have kept all Jews under surveillance because of the Unibomber? Does Hasan’s MO mean we must suspect all the Muslims who pass us on the street sane as can be don't count because media sociology based on N=1 suddenly links his madness with Jihad? Krauthammer long ago left psychiatry for propaganda. On FOXNEWS he was even able to diagnose Saddam Hussein as “insane” without ever having met him. He reminds me of a psychiatrist I knew who would seek to seek to dominate girls by playing on their motives for rejecting him. Similarly, Krauthammer is playing on the nation’s guilt trip for soldiers dying before ever going off to war. But he didn’t do that back when Virginia Tech was in the news. I don't recall anyone telling us to watch out for all Koreans we pass because they'll pull a set of pistols and shoot everyone. The neocons worry that the more Arabs are admitted into the US, the more votes they'll get and so there's a campaign to keep them out for which this AMERICAN BORN Muslim is a God-sent. But I recall all the "professional anti-Communists who had us looking under our beds for spies. As back then, now the neocons are on salary to make us see Jihadi in the eyes of every Muslim. That's un-American, an issue Krauthammer and his ilk will never debate. Let’s recall that it was American Jews who pulled this nation out of its racism, anti-intellectualism and educational dark ages. 78% of Jews voted for Obama, not as *ordered* to do by the neocons. In fact a Republican site criticized the neocons for their "inability to deliver their people." Are we going back to the Dark Ages of the 50s? Let's not confuse madness with conspiracy, for our sake for only then could binLaden really declare himself a winner.

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