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12 October 2009


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Green Zone Cafe

That is sad news, condolences to her family. She made a difference.


Her kind heart will continue to live in her family and friends, RIP.


>As most of us only know her virtually, we can only mourn the loss of a person who brought a lot of humanity and sympathy to subjects ususally hugely absent of both and a compassion that will sorely be missed.



frank durkee

I would simply like to "amen" the comments above.

Gatun Lake

My thoughts are to her family and those that loved her.

May the gods wash her hair,
may the gods wash her feet........


My deepest sympathy to the family, RIP.


Inna li-llahi wa inna ilay-hi raji3oon

John Minnerath

RIP Fair Lady.

Cloned Poster

A gentle humanist that looked on the bright side of the human spirit, and never a cynic.

RIP Leila.

Medicine Man

Rest in peace


My deepest sympathies to the family.


A wise and kind lady who deserves a wider remembrance then those of us here who had the chance to learn something of what she valued.

May her spirit know peace.

May her husband , who knew the joy of her presence and the sorrow of her loss weld them into something new to sustain and project what they shared into their children's futures.

I will miss her voice.



She demonstrated what was good and right about humanity, and I enjoyed every word she wrote, here and elsewhere. We will miss her gentle wit, her kindness, and her insight.


Loved her words and her recipes.

Prayers for her family.


I will miss her. Her words expressed a wonderful humanness and her efforts to live a better life brings to my mind this verse from Rumi:

Humble living does not diminish. It fills.
Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom.




My husband's sister also passed away from cancer last week, so this prayer is for them both

My condolences to both of you. Cancer is accompanying me since I worked on the main cancer ward in Berlin after my high school exams. At the moment I am accompanying my partner's sister who has http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_myeloma>Multiple Myeloma, it tends to be discovered in the final state.

Maureen Lang


Thank you for your kindness in noting my sister-in-law's death.

I hope that Leila's family & friends will find their way to this thread & derive some comfort from reading the comments therein.


My condolences to her family and friends. I will miss her unique viewpoint.


Thanks, Maureen, my good bye to Leila is buried in another thread. I hoped so much she would make it. She was a wonderful woman. May her family derive comfort that it was wonderful as long as it lasted, and that she will always remain as a voice inside.


Dear friends,

Leila's memorial will be this Saturday, October 17, at 2pm at St. Lawrence O'Toole church, 3725 High Street, Oakland, CA -- all are welcome.

Julie (friend of Leila's)


My sympathy to the family. Leila was always a voice of reason on SST.

Charles I

My condolences to Leila's family and community.

Once in a while she'd email me with a "Great rant at SST today!"

The MOST un-nerving thing in my aged mother's years long battle with cancer was the number of quite young women encountered in the pre-surgical screening clinics.


wearing green, her body was slain by the black dragon

but her spirit lives on


I so loved the comments of Leila here and in other forums. So sad to hear that she passed away. Rest in peace, Leila. We will carry forward with the struggle.


I was deceived...by her posts on her blog. I thought she had recovered from her ordeal. My condolences to her family and especially her poor husband who must at present be in the depths of misery.

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