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12 October 2009


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I'm quite sorry to hear this. I did not realize that the Leila, here, was the progenitor of Dove's Eye View.

She was a kind and peaceful person, and our society is a worse place without her.

Bobby Murray

Thank you Leila, you are missed. My apologies for being late and thank you Pat for putting this up.

different clue

I have only recently been reading these posts in reverse order after a time away. I am disappointed to read this. I thought she was on the road to recovery.

I believe some of the recipes on her blog came from Claudia Roden's various foodbooks. I imagine she would have wanted us to read those books. She also mentioned Sharon Astyk from time to time as an inspirator for her own modern-day Subsistence 2.0 preparation efforts. I should think she might also want us to be reading Sharon Astyk and maybe even acting on some of
Sharon Astyk's advice and warnings.

We lost someone in our family to cancer some time ago. No one can know anyone else's pain. I can only suppose it has to hurt.

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