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12 October 2009


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I stopped watching these shows long ago as well as many other posters here ....I feel that a nice walk in the woods with my wife and kids is time much better spent. or reading a book. or anything else for that matter.

Duncan Kinder

A list of more modern materials to supplement the classical items concerning effective argument and reasoning that I previously posted:

While browing Amazon to post this list, I also came across How to Lie with Maps, which looks good but I have not read.


I have not owned a television since 1979. What have I missed?


Surprisingly enough, I find myself watching France 24 (in English) quite regularly now. The news is good quality, the comment is fair, and their experts are experts, not just ranting ex-somethings.
I still watch BBC but it hasn't changed for the best.

Mark Stuart


You missed ME!.....lol


France 24? I have to be honest i rarely watched it. Considering the state of the French news media's finance and the traditional influence the Eysee has had on them, for understandable reasons, i have learned to be very suspicious of any news coming from France alone. Even Le Monde has lost a lot of its quality and stature throughtout the years. I promise to give it an other try though.

But i remember Christine Ockrent being on Al Jazeera with a panel of journalists from around the world to discuss news media. When the moderator asked her why France 24 decided to air a show on lingerie in the Middle East while the War in Gaza was raging, she replied that she wasn't aware of that! Furthermore, she kept constantly evading the very direct questions asked by her host. She sounded like a sales rep. on a promotion tour for her news channel when the question were structural and philosophical. But I promise. I'll commit to watching it for a full month to get a real opinion of the channel.



One nation
under God
has turned into
one nation under the influence
of one drug

Television, the drug of the Nation
Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation

T.V., it
satellite links
our United States of Unconsciousness
Apathetic therapeutic and extremely addictive
The methadone metronome pumping out
150 channels 24 hours a day
you can flip through all of them
and still there's nothing worth watching
T.V. is the reason why less than 10 per cent of our
Nation reads books daily
Why most people think Central America
means Kansas
Socialism means unamerican
and Apartheid is a new headache remedy
absorbed in it's world it's so hard to find us
It shapes our mind the most
maybe the mother of our Nation
should remind us
that we're sitting too close to...

T.V. is
the stomping ground for political candidates
Where bears in the woods
are chased by Grecian Formula'd
bald eagles
T.V. is mechanized politic's
remote control over the masses
co-sponsored by environmentally safe gases
watch for the PBS special
It's the perpetuation of the two party system
where image takes precedence over wisdom
Where sound bite politics are served to
the fast food culture
Where straight teeth in your mouth
are more important than the words
that come out of it
Race baiting is the way to get selected
Willie Horton or
Will he not get elected on...

T.V., is it the reflector or the director ?
Does it imitate us
or do we imitate it
because a child watches 1500 murders before he's
twelve years old and we wonder why we've created
a Jason generation that learns to laugh
rather than to abhor the horror
T.V. is the place where
armchair generals and quarterbacks can
experience first hand
the excitement of video warfare
as the theme song is sung in the background
Sugar sweet sitcoms
that leave us with a bad actor taste while
pop stars metamorphosize into soda pop stars
You saw the video
You heard the soundtrack
Well now go buy the soft drink
Well, the only cola that I support
would be a union C.O.L.A.(Cost Of Living Allowance)
On television

Back again, "New and improved"
We return to our irregularly programmed schedule
hidden cleverly between heavy breasted
beer and car commercials
CNN, ESPN, ABC, TNT, but mostly B.S.
Where oxymoronic language like
"virtually spotless", "fresh frozen"
"light yet filling" and "military intelligence"
have become standard
T.V. is the place where phrases are redefined
like "recession" to "necessary downturn"
"Crude oil" on a beach to "mousse"
"Civilian death" to "collateral damages"
and being killed by your own Army
is now called "friendly fire"
T.V. is the place where the pursuit
of happiness has become the pursuit of
Where toothpaste and cars have become
sex objects
Where imagination is sucked out of children
by a cathode ray nipple
T.V. is the only wet nurse
that would create a cripple

Television, by Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (from back in '91)


In other words, discourse has become like Dick Cheney's idea of what America's foreign policy should be: dominance.

Gore Vidal said it best recently: Does anyone care what Americans think? They’re the worst-educated people in the First World. They don’t have any thoughts, they have emotional responses, which good advertisers know how to provoke.” From The London Times: http://tr.im/BMZn

In a recent clip about doctors in Massachusetts putting the smartest kid/person in the USA, Michael Kearney, under an MRI to watch his brain, the doctors made the remark that when Kearney used his frontal lobe, his off-the-charts IQ came into play; however, when he was asked about emotional reactions to certain stimuli, the MRI showed that he used the amygdala (medium temporal lobe) and his responses were standard for his age: teenage emotional reactions, and nothing intelligent about them. The amygdala is often called the limbic brain, some say Lizard Brain, which is the mental watering hole for the majority of Americans. Certainly the spate of recent reactions to health care reform.

Mark Stuart


I can appreciate your rant about ... all that. But i think i'll stick to my anti-French one on the other post. It felt sooo much better!


Gore Vidal ? I like to read his novel but here is an other American disguised one day in a trench coat and a cigarette dangling from his beak. Bronzed skin, sun glasses, designer clothes and still a cigarette dangling from his mouth, the other!

I love those Americans who enjoy criticizing the US and loooove Europe soooo much, but always come back to die on our shores! Gore Vidal is no exception. He used to spend a lot of time in Europe, France and Italy mainly, giving interviews to whomever wanted to hear how highly Americans themselves thought about their own country. Until his boyfriend died, he sold his italian Villa to move back to LA in 2003!

What Richard Sale is describing in his article is really not specific to America. It's specific to any society, large or small, which is living to the drum beat of the entertainment industry. Thanks to greatly improved economic conditions. In these societies, people's lives have become boring. That's why their talk has become boring. In their world, realities don't matter anymore. Cheney said himself once: "deficits don't matter!" The same intellectual deplorable conditions can be observed from Paris to London, from Vienna to Mumbai, from Moscow to Johannesburg.

But to many other people on this planet: realities do matter!


Cold War Zoomie

I love those Americans who enjoy criticizing the US and loooove Europe soooo much, but always come back to die on our shores!

Because it'll always be home, regardless of how much we may enjoy living overseas.

What difference does it make, anyway? Jeez.


Mark Stuart: Are you Jewish? 'Coz I can't recall anyone else hatin' their own peoples that much... Wait a minute, does that make me Jewish?

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