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02 October 2009


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Mark Logan

I have a hard time thinking that Obama himself is overly concerned with Chicago politics ruling his future, but his advisors
are another matter. They must have been looking to their wown futures in this.

I imagine the pressure on them to get Obama to do something must have been about, well, all that could be brought to bear.
He needs to watch his handlers closely for such
after this. They should have scouted the terrain and known the situation between the USIOC and the IOC. The efforts being
put in by other leaders, who were spending weeks there, automatically made his dash in and dash out look foolish. Babak is also
quite right.

They should have known, and they should have acted in Obama's best interest, not their own. But Mr Axelrod was on the tube saying Chicago was a leading contender right up to the time it was eliminated. Not good.


Again, Obama is only diminished in the eyes of those who think that the President must meet with success in everything he does, or else he should not attempt it. Or perhaps former Kremlinologists also.

And I thought the US, not just Atlanta benefitted from the Atlanta politics. It all you who think only of Chicago pols. who are looking at the narrow picture.

BTW, Tony Blair did the pitch for London 2012. Seems to be a custom.


We can put it yet another way. The people who think Obama is diminished by trying but failing in getting the Olympics to the US are probably not going to vote for his reelection anyway.

Nancy K

I find graywolf's comments disgusting. This country had to put up with Pres Bush for 8 years and we did not resort to this kind of garbage. I always knew he was my president even through I did not vote for him. If graywolf doesn't like our president or the country, he can always leave.


My last post on Olympic shenanigans.

-- The big press doesn't even explain who, what how the voting was done. I have to find it via the blog and wiki. So here we go.

A look at the voting stat.


List of current member of IOC. (I told ya it's european thing.)


Clifford Kiracofe

Seems as though White House advisor Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago slum lord and political operator, was deep into the Olympics deal and appears to have had a financial interest in same.

The ballerina at the President's elbow was not aware of all this?....

"Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama's presidential campaign and a member of his finance committee. Jarrett is the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 until this winter and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems..."


Nancy K:

I find graywolf's comments disgusting.

Just a bit of unsolicited advice from an Internet dinosaur...

Graywolf is a troll, and not a very good one, either. The proper response to trolls is to ignore them. To grant them even your disgust is much less than they deserve.

Our host has banned such trolls in the past, and will eventually do so again. Until then, just laugh at Graywolf's lame attempts at trolling, and leave it at that.

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I am not sure if this was trolling or actually a weak attempt at expressing the same line of thought Harper does only with limited and simplistic imagery.

Nancy N.,

I understand your response, but you are in fact only mirroring back his own action. Graywolf singles out specific Chicago circles and you in turn single out Graywolf as not belonging. Why not simply ignore him? My friend once warned me that I seem to have troubles to differentiate between--hmm? what to use--limited mental (verbal) abilities and wickedness. Had he given me this little piece of information slightly earlier, it might have helped me a lot, in the special case. Meanness occasionally results from fears.


Now this Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama diminishes both the Prize and the Presidency. It is not for the Nobel Committee to pat the President on the head, saying, "Good boy, good boy".

Consider also that the nominations for the Peace Prize (as per the Associated Press) are closed on February 1 and that Obama was inaugurated on January 20. What on earth for was he nominated in the first place (even if someone argues that his actions since are what counts)?

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