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19 October 2009


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Jeff Ewing

Long time reader, 1st time commenter. I'm a bit shocked at the calls for hanging. In the first place, the man in question is *accused* of espionage; he hasn't been convicted of anything yet. As such, he is legally innocent. That's the American way.

In the second place, the founding fathers well knew how easily treason charges could be used against political enemies. As a result, they set the bar extraordinarily high. Article 3, section III of the Constitution:
"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort."

I'm as dismayed as anyone by the Likudniks' influence, but let's not forget ourselves.



As has been stated in a question above, 'will DOJ let the FBI down'? If DOJ lawyers didn't have the gonads enough to prosecute the AIPAC Mossad assets, what will give U.S. hope that this one will not be let go as well?

Cases involving Israeli espionage have shown that DOJ lawyering is a political animal that frequently sways towards the politics/job security, and away from the U.S. National Security aspect.

Will DOJ let the FBI down 'again'?



Don't get your shorts in a twist.

Last time I checked nobody here has the power to judge him legally.

I promise to recuse myself if asked to serve on a jury for him.

He's a spy. pl

John Badalian

Col. Patrick - It seems to me that this is yet another vindication of the dimunitive but morally brave Sibel Edmonds. Many of the neo-crazies have tried to either muzzle her or attack her character. What with John Cole (veteran former FBI Counterterrorism Manager) supporting Sibel's assertions) and now THIS, it certainly appears that Sibel's observations were anything but confabulation!
This lady appears to me to be an exemplar of moral courage! John


He certainly thought he was spying for Israel all those years.
From the affadavit:

Nozette - "I don't get recruited by the Mossad every day. I knew this day would come by the way."
UCE -- "how's that?"
Nozette -- "I just had a feeling one of these days."
UCE -- "How, you, uhm..."
Nozette -- "And I was amazed it didn't happen longer..."
UCE -- (not very intelligible)
Nozette -- "I thought I was working for your already I mean that's what I always thought. The (foreign company) was just a front."

Mr. Nozette was working form them all along. I'm always amazed at the idiocy of smart people. He really didn't think it strange that someone approached him and said "Hi, i'm from the mossad and we'd like you to spy for us." I'm kinda surprised the fbi didn't take a less direct approach too.


Bill Wade:

But, since the media is saying Israel was not involved, why did the FBI agent pretend to be Mossad?

To follow up on Colonel Lang's comment, I would suggest that if one is involved in a sting operation with an MIT Ph.D., one better have a believable story to tell, e.g., a tale that can stand up to some serious Ph.D.-savvy research.

A quick web search would demonstrate that cases of U.S. citizens accused of espionage involving Israel seldom even make it to trial. So the downside risk could be sold as negligible, which makes for a lot more effective sting.

One important point not yet found in the press: the act of meeting anyone who was soliciting SRD information from Dr. Nozette should have resulted in him immediately notifying the LLNL security office to report the contact. Even if his clearance had lapsed, the terms of his non-disclosure agreement had not, and all such incidents of someone seeking SRD information should be promptly reported to the agency that issued the Q clearance. Hence it would be interesting to know whether LLNL or NNSA was involved in this sting operation.

Finally, there is an emerging notion (including some comments on this site) that since Dr. Nozette's clearance had lapsed, and a decade had passed, that these secrets are not so secret anymore. That's a bad attitude to take towards classified material, and when that classified material is in the form of nuclear weapons designs, that attitude is patently insane.

Nuclear secrets are secrets of physics, not of state. While state secrets have a shelf life, physics secrets last forever, because the laws of physics are immutable. So while troop movements or CIA activities in the 1950's may eventually be rendered meaningless by the passage of time, the design of a nuclear weapon will not. If a design worked in 1960, it'll work in 2010, and in 2110, and so on.

So comparisons to traditional forms of espionage understate the gravity of this case. That's why the Atomic Energy Act is so much more serious than other laws involving illegal disclosures of information. We need to adjust our thinking accordingly.


The guy seems to have been a real spy: Haaretz

Sources: Would-be U.S. spy worked for Israeli arms firm
Israeli and American sources said on Tuesday that Stewart David Nozette, the former NASA scientist who was arrested for offering to pass along classified information to an FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, had business dealings with Israel Aerospace Industries.

IAI is Israel's largest exporter of defense and aerospace technology.

The sources said Nozette was hired as an outside consultant to the company. An IAI spokesperson refused to comment on the matter, only to say that it was checking the reports.

Patrick Lang


"A real spy" as opposed to a figment of the FBI's imagination? There are real spies, "b," just as there are things that go bump in the night. pl

The beaver

Anyone remember this case:

"I thought I was helping the state of Israel without harming the United States."

Nozette knew what he was doing since he said the following:
Sometime before Nozette took a foreign trip in January, he told a colleague that he would flee the United States if charged with a crime, the agent wrote. Nozette added that he would tell officials from an unidentified country and Israel "everything" he knew, the court papers allege.


My Name is James Jesus Angleton. I am from the government and I am here to help you.



To further embellish what Cieran said, there is nobody more vulnerable to recruitment or deception than a polymath genius. Their egos are so big that all that is required is to find the particular element of vanity to which the indivudual responds.

In this case, the "hook" was the notion, well planted I would wager, that the Mossad or DMI just could not continue without direct contact with this superior being.

He actually told them that he had waited for a long time for this recognition of his great value. He said something about the aerospace company (IAI?) being "just a front."

Geniuses are easy. Ask Claude. pl

Bill Wade, NH

"This man had collected 225 k from an Israeli aerospace company while being employed at Livermore."

Right, now I've learned too that this company is owned by the Israeli government.


"Nozette picked up the envelopes and returned with envelopes containing classified information about the country's satellites, early-warning systems and its ability to retaliate against a large-scale attack, prosecutors and FBI officials said. "

No need to attack spy ships anymore. What's the possibility of the IDF jamming our spy satelites or feeding them mis-information? Hanging is too good for him, after he's found guilty at a fair trial, of course.



The machine is now spinning this story as 1-unimportnt and 2-insignificant.

David Shuster, the MSNBC talking mouth, dismissed the case today saying that "Israel has its own satellitie technology, why would they want US technology?" This clearly a "talking point" that he has been given.

Where does he think Israel got its satellite technology over the last 20 years. Oddly enough, that is roughly the same period in which Nozette was working for IAI as a consultant and for the USG on US satellite technology.

I can easily remember the way the Israelis begged for our satellite photographs before that, and they often got them. pl


Perhaps the real aim of the FBI sting was to plant the hook so hard that the threat of the imposition of the death penalty would be completely believable. And then, they use that credible possibility to get him to open up about his interactions as a "consultant" with IAI. If he were to reveal that he had passed secret information to the Israelis at that time, then the reality of an ongoing, extremely serious Israeli intelligence operation against the United States would be undeniable. That could be the real prize.

(Sending this from my work computer, Colonel.)

Jim Price

One source has speculated that the country in question may be India and not Israel. See: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2009/10/the_nozette_espionage_case_what_is_country_a.php?ref=fpb



And sadly, thanks to the Israelis, both the Russians and Chinese have obtained U.S. high tech that their espionage operatives working stateside were unable to ferret out.

With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?


Jim Price

I was somewhat distracted, but it did not seem to me that the "Newshour" mentioned this tonight? pl


Reading first about this case, I had a bad feeling because it was a sting operation, and might indeed be entrapment.

Well, given his history of working for an Israeli defence firm, it is quite implausible that the FBI not just picked some high profile scientist that they happened to dislike and set him up, wasting his undeniable talent for a high profile score.

I think, hopefully rightly, that the FBI had sufficient reason to be certain he engaged in espionage, for Israel, and against the US, but couldn't prove it. So they 'stung' him and made sure they could prove his treason.


Strike that not.


From TPM Could the Israel Spy case Really be an Indian spy case

Or more likely both countries were recipients of Nozette stealing US proprietary information??

Clearly the technology sector has many South Asians working in sensitive positions just as we have Israeli dual citizens in many high ranking governmental and financial institution positions. When push comes to shove where would their loyalties lean?



The FBI only dislikes you if they think you are a Mafioso, some other organized crime dirt bag or an enemy of the US.

They selected this guy's file out of all the other Israeli spy cases that they have because he looked easy to entrap, he had access to very secret US technology, they knew he had been a consultant for IAI for a long time, he had made incriminating statements, they did not have to go up against the entrenched zionist interests here in the early stages of this matter.

His "brothers" and sisters will "put in the boot" to get him off so as not to "spook" all their other agents. That has already begun. pl

The beaver

Remember the mission that India sent to the moon last year and India was whining that it was delayed because of NASA- it was MiniSar or the Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar being flown atop Chandrayaan-1 will be the most extensive search for water ever on the lunar poles which, if found, will make it easier for humans to colonize the moon


Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Two thoughts, if I may, Pat:

- Won't this be the first such case for this administration's DOJ? It will be interesting to see how AG Holder handles it.

- Talking to my good Army (Ret) friend about this today and he raised the question, "This one was found out; how many more are out there?"

My friend is a very astute man.


Folks -- for a pretty comprehensive take on the latest attempt to pass US intell to our masters in the Middle East, see: http://www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/1009/Maryland_scientist_indicted_for_attempted_espionage_for_Israel. Traces the (presumed) traitor's roots back to the GHWB White House!!

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