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19 October 2009


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Do you think this will help to 'slow down' the Israeli incessant push to have more American military personnel die for Israeli security with their unnecessary war on Iran? An Iran which is no threat to our U.S..


NASA investigation opened doors to espionage probe

The espionage investigation of the Maryland scientist charged with attempting to pass the nation's most guarded secrets to Israel was triggered by a NASA inspector general probe into Stewart Nozette's technology company, a source with knowledge of the investigation said.
In 2006, the NASA inspector general's office began an investigation into Nozette's Alliance for Competitive Technology. The Maryland-based company had contracts with NASA and the Department of Defense. The NASA investigation marked the end of Nozette's top secret clearance.

According to court documents, the inspector general's office believed Nozette was not accurately reporting to the Internal Revenue Service the $141,000 salary he received through the NASA contract.
But a source with knowledge of the investigation said NASA's examination of the Alliance for Competitive Technology led authorities to a wider espionage investigation into Nozette.
According to charging documents, when Nozette was first contacted by the undercover agent on Sept. 3, Nozette reportedly said, "I thought I was working for you already. I mean that's what I always thought, [the foreign company] was just a front."

From 1998 to 2008, Nozette was a technical adviser for an aerospace company called Israel Aerospace Industries wholly owned by the Israeli government, charging documents said. During that time, Nozette was paid $225,000 for answering monthly questionnaires...

Bill Wade, NH

Let the spin begin:

"Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said the Nozette case is part of a "troubling" pattern of targeting Israel and Jews as potential spies against the United States.
"I am not naïve enough to believe that there aren't efforts to obtain information in all kinds of ways," Foxman said.

But, he asked, "Why is it that we don't hear of any other country, except for Israel?

I find that troubling." "

I wonder why Mr Foxman can't answer his own question.



Clifford Kiracofe

Some history for context:





Asking forgiveness in advance for a few elementary questions: Why is Israel spying on the U.S.? In my lifetime, Israel has been treated as our 51st state. What do they need to know that we wouldn't tell them anyway? Is it a pure profit motive? Do they sell these secrets to third party buyers?

Patrick Lang


Israel is a foreign country run on the basis of ethnic nationalism. Israel has different interests than the US. Why would we give them everything we know? pl


$10,000 will barely buy you a car, much less a down payment on a house. So from this, I can only conclude that Nozette was motivated by love of Israel, not love of money.

Which leads me to say that maybe I'm just too old-fashioned, but I've always thought that espionage is supposed to take place between enemies, not between friends. So it puzzles me why American spies have switched from selling state secrets to enemy regimes like the Soviet Union to friendly ones like Israel.

And it seems to me that the FBI must know that Israel is involved in quite a bit of espionage here in the US, otherwise it wouldn't have so many of its agents posing as Israeli operatives. Plus it doesn't make much sense to me that if the FBI is going to put a whole lot of effort into hunting down spies for Israel, as it is now doing, the Justice Department shouldn't be so damn quick to come out and say that Israel has nothing to do with this spy case involving Nozette. This says to me that the FBI and the DOJ are working against each other, instead of what they should be doing, which is to work together to root out espionage!

Clifford Kiracofe

Bill Wade,

Per the ADL, well these people have been at this a while in our country. It is useful to consider current activity from a historical point of view to get a sense of the depth of the problem.

ADL was created by the Bnai Brith org for which see:

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Pat, your "Why would we give them everything we know?" is indeed the proverbial $64 question. Yet it seems we hold back very little.


Missile defense related. I wonder if this has any connection to that killed scientist few month back. (Wasn't the guy work in this area too?)

At least we know Israel couldnt make their missile defense working. (Not gonna be able to hold Iran missile retaliation when starting a war.)


"This was leading edge, Department of Defense national security work," said Hubbard, a professor of aerospace at Stanford University who worked for 20 years at NASA. Hubbard said Nozette worked on the Star Wars project at the Energy Department's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
At Energy, Nozette held a special security clearance equivalent to the Defense Department's top secret and "critical nuclear weapon design information" clearances. DOE clearances apply to access information specifically relating to atomic or nuclear-related materials.
Nozette, of Chevy Chase, Md., more recently developed the Clementine bi-static radar experiment that is credited with discovering water on the south pole of the moon.

Patrick Lang


DoJ is much more of a political beast than the FBI. The politician Attorney General is always under the thumb of the pols at the WH. Democrats or Republicans, they are ALL tied up in pretty bows by the lobby operation. The FBI is a professional police force. They are unhappy that for many years they have been assembling cases against illegal Israel connected activity that they cannot get the politicians to prosecute sucessfully. The FBI is particularly annoyed at present because the AIPAC espionage case was torpedoed by someone in the Obama administration and a pet judge. pl



"But I've always thought that espionage is supposed to take place between enemies, not between friends."

Espionage takes place when one country doesn't share information to protect its own interests, and another country wants that information to serve it's own interests (and in obtaining it, undermines the interests of the other, "friend" or not.)

"It puzzles me why American spies have switched from selling state secrets to enemy regimes like the Soviet Union to friendly ones like Israel."

I didn't find the Franklin case particularly "friendly." But as they say "follow the money."

I'm sure plenty of traitors sleep a little better at night by telling themselves "our friends won't do anything bad with this" (though agents possibly killed in the Soviet Union with information stolen from us by Pollard and passed to the Soviets would disagree).

I don't know what circles you move in, but $10,000 is quite a lot of money to receive for answering a few questions (and our hapless scientist clearly expected an ongoing relationship like his old one with IAI).


I thought we sanctioned and supported their "ethnic nationalism."



Not enough for the FBI to accept their espionage against us and their illegal interference in our government. pl

Bill Wade, NH

Thanks Mr Kiracofe.

"$10,000 will barely buy you a car, much less a down payment on a house. So from this, I can only conclude that Nozette was motivated by love of Israel, not love of money."

Cynthia, If he did it out of love for Israel, why even take one penny? This guy's not only a traitor, he's a greedy traitor.


Russian proverb: When three sit down to talk politics, two are govt spies and one is a fool. He was a very smart man, but a fool (and assuming the DOJ case is solid, a traitor).


Imagine my surprise when my tevee beamed in, not the FBI spy sting story, but live coverage of an FBI press conference announcing the arrest and charging of a Boston-area man with conspiracy to provide material support (internet/blog chatter?) to terrorists overseas and in the United States.

This guy was arrested LAST November but was announced yesterday.

Interesting choice of "national security" news coverage by networks and newspapers .


Not long after 9/11 Fox news broadcast this four part series (about 5 minutes each) on Israeli spying in U.S. It was on their website for a short time before it was taken down and the story effectively disappeared from the MSM. The video was captured and can be seen on this website:



Let's not be naive. Do the Israelis spy on us? Of course. Do the French? The British, and on and on? Do we spy on them all? I certainly hope so-- and not just by satellites and electronic intercepts.



This game is not about justice. It is about who wins. pl

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