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27 September 2009


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Has no one the courage to call Sen. Bond and the others for inciting mutiny?


Excellent point, P.L.! Excellent. Generals advise, President decides. Civilian control of the military. If the Generals don't like it, they can resign & retire with full honor, and comeback, like MacArthur, speak before Congress and "just fade away".


Talk about inciting mutiny


Patrick Lang


I have taken note of the piece posted by Mr. Perry concerning his advocacy of revolution in this country.

I am utterly opposed to such a notion as are the overwhelming majority of military people.

He should understand that once broken in the way he advocates, republican government in this country will never be fully restored. pl


Colonel -

I have to say that I think this is less a reflection of any confusion over the role of the military and more of the same cynical and cowardly use of the military to provide political cover that the Bush administration used whenever they were questioned about the war in Iraq.

If you will recall, whenever questions arose about Iraq, the White House always replied that they were waiting for General Petraus’ report. Unfortunately, no Democratic congressmen at the time had the courage to speak up and ask why General Petraus was the one defending the policy in the first place. I wish someone had said something like: "General Petraus, why are you here today? Isn't it your role to carry out the administration's military policies in Iraq? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for you to report to your commander in Chief, and shouldn’t the President then be the one to make the case for his policy?”

Unfortunately no one said this at the time, which allowed the Bush, Cheney, Runsfeld, etc. to be cowards and hide behind the military (and accuse all critics of “not supporting our troops”), and contributed to the mistaken impression that the military was actually responsible making policy in Iraq. Republicans now are cynically trying to use the same strategy again.

That’s my impression. Does it make sense to you?

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