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12 August 2009


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I recommend this post



The pilot of the SR-71 who taped the Israeli voice communications (and having understood much of what he overheard insisted that the recordings be retained) is still around and a friend of mine, fyi.

Brandy Lupton Neilson

The fact that a Congressional Investigation was never conducted is a wart on the face of America, and it is a shame and a disgrace that the word of the attacker was taken for truth over the word of those attacked. Where would our courts be if every criminal's protestation of innocence was accepted as truth over the victim's word? There would Never be any justice! And 42 years later, there has yet to be justice shown to the crew of the Liberty. This is pathetic. Shame on our Congressional leaders!

jeff gates

The preemptive Six-Day War pre-staged the geopolitical dynamics for the "global war on terrorism," including the preemptive war in Iraq Those masterful at waging war "by way of deception" (the Mossad's operative credo) remain active. Anyone expecting to see these issues addressed in mainstream media need only examine the pro-Israel bias that—then as now—undermines public access to the facts required for informed choice.

Pro-Israelis continue to operate a "fifth column" inside the U.S. that actively displaces facts with what "the mark" can be deceived to believe. That modus operandi created a consensus belief in Iraqi WMD, Iraqi ties to Al Qaeda, Iraqi mobile biological weapons laboratories and assorted other fictions that we were induced to embrace as facts.

The facts of the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty mandate that this four-decade deceit be sustained as even a modest good faith investigation would conclude the obvious: the pro-Israelis who obscured the facts of that attack are obscuring the fact that it was pro-Israelis that induced us to invade Iraq.

As one example of how this duplicity proceeds in plain sight through mainstream media with, to date, with legal impunity, see: http://criminalstate.com/2009/08/israel’s-fifth-column-the-people-in-between/

Jeff Gates, author, Guilt By Association -- How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War www.criminalstate.com


Would he be willing to talk
to us??

I am a survivor and of course we would like his statement.

An old salt

This commentary entitled, "The USS Liberty Incident -- Truly a National Disgrace" By Sidney O. Smith III …. Is perhaps the best article I have ever read on Israel's and the US government's role in the cover-up of this heinous crime. Indeed, if those of us reading it really care about the safety and welfare of members of our armed forces, about equality before the law and about preserving our constitutional freedoms we will print out a copy of Sidney’s article here:

And send it to our elected representatives in (both) Houses of Congress by US Mail.


You keep plaintively hoping that Senator Webb will take up this issue... What is this based on? What exactly is he waiting for? Possibly you are giving him too much credit.

Sidney O. Smith III

An old Salt and others:

Thank you very much and I hope this essay helps.

USN vet and Liberty supporter par excellence -- John Gidusko -- emailed me and gave me even further information that documents what I can only call the heroism of Rear Admiral Staring as an officer of the court. Most of the info is contained in a letter that Admirals Staring and Hill wrote to the Secretary of the Army after the War Crimes Report was filed. You can read all about it at the following link:


Mr. Gidusko’s website is full of unique info, so here is a link for anyone who is interested:




It looks like someone didn't like the thread at A Growing Hysteria. It reminds me of Raskolnikov's dream in Crime and Punishment where the world is destroyed by a pestilence. Each person is infected with a unique idea they kill for because they are sure they are right. But the few who are not infected survive and create a better world.

F B Ali

Sidney O. Smith III

I did post a belated reply to your post on the Athenaeum. Apologies again for the delay.

I admire your persistence in trying to get Senator Webb to live up to his reputation and seek justice for the crew of the USS Liberty.

Hannah K. O'Luthon

I sincerely hope that Sidney O.Smith's efforts to "rattle the cage" of all those allowing the official lie to continue its masquerade as "official truth". It is difficult not to see this affair as an American Dreyfus case, wherein revelation of a continuing deception is seen as more dangerous to the nation than passive acceptance of flagrant malfeasance by "friend" and foe alike. The main target of righteous indignation should be not Israel or its professional apologists, but rather those American politicians of both parties who have knowingly chosen to continue to betray the men of the U.S.S. Liberty, and in so doing have betrayed the republic.

This is indeed a national disgrace, enabled even now by a conspiracy of silence.


optimax, that is so century before last. the growing hysteria thread catastrophe was caused by cuteness cum incompetence. metaphorize from that what you will.


in penance am abstaining from all formatting save punctuation.


why would Israel attack an American ship deliberately?

Patrick Lang


Israel was involved in a complex set of maneuvers against Egypt and Syria. they did not want the ship reporting on what they were doing. what they didn't seem to understand very well was that there were other SIGINT collection capabilities as well as the ship. pl


in penance am abstaining from all formatting save punctuation.

;) happened to me all the time on typepad blogs, and especially in cases like yours ;). I am famous for creating italic/inverse threads ... You simply have to pay heightened attention if your code is at the end of the text. Thus you won't notice it's closed in preview.

Strictly, I am wondering why typepad doesn't manage to modify the code so that each unclosed tag is automatically closed with the comment, just in case one is left open.

The new software on Mondoweiss does just that, but has no preview button. And yes I miss the button.

I belong to the easily embarrassed crowd too, especially when I notice mistakes in my comments, which on the other hand doesn't keep me from adding new ones due to a to hurried note or other things on my mind. We can form a club for the easily embarrassed? You will be our star, since hardly anyone would have noticed the extra s. ;)

William R. Cumming

If the purpose of these posts is to remind US of the victims of our policies in middle-east great. By the way how many Israelis, Palestinians, and Arabs generally have been killed or severely injured b US weaponary? I ask only because the US sailors died on an assigned missions, some no doubt acted heroically, but not sure what these continued Liberty Posts represent? The dead cannot be brought back to life! The US and Israel will continue to act as though this event never occurred. Could it happen again? Absolutely! Will it happen again absolutely? Why? When it comes to the middle-east and its policy and wars, neither Arab, Palestinian, Israli, or US policy maker are learning individuals or polity! These tragedy is only more likely each passing day and month and year to occur again only this time far more than those directly involved may feel the pain and suffering that continues daily in the middle-east and Lebanon and Palestine!


From reading the legislation the USS Liberty incident will not be reviewed by this commission. The key items for review, which are long overdue, are:
1, prison population growth: With 5% of the world's population, our country now houses 25% of the world's reported prisoners.

2. Impact of 'drug' crimes and mandatory sentencing plicies: Incarcerated drug offenders have soared 1200% since 1980.

3. The mentally ill and crime: Four times as many mentally ill people are in prisons than in mental health hospitals.


I don't understand.
They didn't want the US to find what?

why was the US Ship there?

report to whom? the egyptians?

Patrick Lang


The unprovoked and deliberate attack by Israel on this US Navy ship was an act of war which Lyndon Johnson let them get away with. they have treated us with contempt ever since. I will not relent until this set of facts is well understood by the American people.

Your assertion the Israelis have been injured by American made ordnance is simply ludicrous. They kill everyone else with our stuff. Come by my office some time and I will show you my collection of American made ordnance items that I have acquired from the Pslestinian houses into which these TOW missiles and tank HE rounds were fired. pl

Patrick Lang


You are either dense or a provocateur.

They did not want the US, GET IT, the US, to know what they were doing until they had done it. pl

Cloned Poster

I, is being obtuse, a sort of nice guy but is like a Kerryman, from Ireland, answers responses from questions with questions.

I, why are you here?

William R. Cumming

PL! Perhaps to oversimplify my post, there are no innocents in the Middle-East. The drama is being played out with the consent of all of the actors. Also I consider land mines to be ordnance. There is some evidence of SCUD missle guidance items being from the US. But I get your point. This is an important cause and hoping thta your posts on this subject will bring justice. And always remember Justice is different very different than truth.

John Gidusko

Always the question comes up, "Why would Israel do this?" I don't know but there are plenty of possibilities. One of which is that they told the U.S. ahead of time to move that ship or they would sink it. The ship wasn't moved due to communication problems, and they sure tried to sink it.

Asst Sec. of Defense Stenbit told us in 2003 about the warning, check this web site for more info:


Patrick Lang


"There are no innocents in the Middle-East" What absolute crap! Tell me what there was about an unarmed US Navy SIGINT collector in international waters that was NOT innocent?

What was there about that situation that justified repeated air and surface attacks on the ship by a supposed ally?

You wrote something to me about this perhaps having been necessary for the greater good. What the hell are you talking about?

You sound like an Israeli. pl


If I sound like an Israeli too - be it. Why is a mistake in a war fought by the Israelis against
Nasser a criminal act, the killing of thousands of civilians in Iraq or Afghanistan
an innocent error ? Because in the case of the "Liberty" the
mistake was done by Jews ??

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