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18 August 2009


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Clifford Kiracofe

Getting analytical ("foreign policy analysis"):


politically correct "doctrine" informing Holbrooke mission.

2) http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2009/08/12/holbrooke_vague_at_cap_event

convenient list of Holbrooke "advisors"

Gautam Das

Hi all!

My comments made just awhile ago on Pat Lang's Koolaid article should actually have been made here.

Anybody who feels like reading them could go there.

Gautam Das
New Delhi, India

Clifford Kiracofe

From UK Conservative Party spokesman:

"However, he warned that the end of the war in Afghanistan would not mean the end of the war on Islamist terrorism. "In the cold war we weren't dealing just with Russia, we had to deal with satellites too. We will have to do the same in this war," he said. "We will face difficulties on a number of fronts and we will simply have to find the political and the military resilience to deal with it."

Public support for the war should be bolstered by explaining that British soldiers were fighting to avoid a strategic defeat for Nato, shattering its credibility as a deterrent force, he added."

Avoiding a "strategic defeat of NATO". ... Perhaps NATO expansion and changing dcotrine to accomodate "out of area" deployments have not been such a good idea. We can recall the 1990s debates over NATO's future and critics of expansion and out of area deployments like George Kennan...

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