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13 August 2009


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Leila Abu-Saba

I have long harbored a fond hope to see Cheney AND Bush in the dock. My war cry: "Next year in the Hague!" On the day Libby was convicted, I happened to attend a book reading by the novelist Jane Smiley. She's one dishy lady.

She opened her button-front blouse to reveal a tee-shirt with the slogan "!#@$ Cheney!" (the expletive was written out, I see no need to copy it).

Everyone cheered (this was a prosperous neighborhood of Oakland) and I hollered my war cry. Smiley liked it so much, she announced she was going to lead us all in a chant of "Next year in the Hague" at the end of the reading. She really did it, too, three times.

However I suspect that harboring this hope to see him tried for war crimes is akin to harboring a resentment, and for the sake of my soul (and my liver) I have vowed to expunge all such bitterness. So I guess I have to let this one go, too.

I still hope I live long enough to see him called to account. It would be too bad if he got out of human judgment the way his dear friend Ariel Sharon has. Then again, since I believe in a Supreme Being, I have faith that these guys will answer.

Grae Castle

yea, verily.

Cato the Censor

The article stated that Cheney is writing tell-all memoirs in which he plans to unload on Bush. Perhaps in his single-minded focus on retribution, the great architect of so much disaster may inadvertently spill a good deal of beans, thereby digging himself, Bush, and their henchmen in just that much deeper. I can only hope.

William R. Cumming

It would be helpful if Cheney in his book finally reveals his rationale and reasons for his positions. We certainly could not find out from his public mutterings when VP!


This could be fun to watch. The Bush crime family will certainly retaliate in one way or another for criticism from Dick. The Bushies will be happy to make him the fall guy for all the crimes and mistakes of the administration.


There's always hope.

Robert in SB

One thing about the Bush family,the appear to stick together. I would not wish the George Sr. on anyone who screws with Junior- They pull no punches.
Next thing you know, Cheney will end up like Bill Casey. Anyone remember him?


Cheney's revelations seem destined to assist in the rehabilitation of Bush's legacy. It turns out that at long last he actually did have a backbone and made some decisions for himself.

Cheney's remarks also need to be seen in the context of building up interest in his book - something that will build sales and his payday. Many times the revelations from these sorts of things fall short from what has been dangled.

Libby's sentence was commuted, not pardoned. If enough additional evidence or testimony comes forward, he and others might be liable to further prosecution for their suborning of the Constitution.

But it's nice to see that 'Deadeye" Dick still has the fire in his belly. It warms the cockles of my 9/12 attitude.


"Let dog eat dog." Michael Vick got prison time for dog fighting. Let's hope the same happens to Bush, Cheney and their cohorts as a result.

Robert in SB

Bill Casey had a seizure that literally rendered him incapable of speech just before he was to testify before Congress on what he knew about Iran Contra. A man with no history of seizures. He never regained the power of speech before he died. Here is the best link on it-

Google the names John Shaheen and Cyrus Hashemi if you want to go further down the rabbit hole.

William R. Cumming

Bill Casey took to his grave many secrets but one he did not. He never complied with ANY government ethics requirements in any of his jobs. Per Bob Woodward book on Casey. He clearly viewed his persona as well above the law. What is interesting is Cheney did not. He had legal cover, however, defective for all that he was involved with. The so-called ENRON defense, the lawyers and accountants all approved IT! Time will tell.


Cheney becomes ever more surreal the longer he lives. No wonder he loved being VP; he didn't even have to pretend to be accountable to public opinion or the electorate, as Bush was. It was the perfect catbird seat for a de facto dictator, so long as he could play Cardinal Richelieu.

The man is a foul criminal and a dangerous lunatic still. I'm hoping that his book will give us endless Captain Queeg moments as he reveals, in detail, his paranoid pathology. Maybe we'll finally get to find out who ate his strawberries.


Scooter may be a threat, but watch out for Mrs. Scooter. She is a lioness with two cubs, and she cares a lot about the familial cloud under which they are growing up. I would bet my next paycheck (if I had one) Cheney promised her a pardon for Scooter for her silence. His uncharacteristic panic over the matter with Bush in the final days suggests to me perhaps he has more to fear from the lioness, rather than from Scooter, the boy scout.


Brent Snowcroft, who served for a number of years with Cheney, said in writing that he did not recognize the man who was vice-president. He had no explanation for what happened. I have seen heart surgery and the ensuing medication change men (but not women). And not for the better. But, I guess that the change in Cheney will probably remain a psychological mystery. Our best hope is that he becomes an historical footnote. We may have his daughter around carrying on for him for some time. UGH!


Alas, sadly in the end, none of them (Bush,Cheney,their henchmen) will face any type of criminal prosecution for their crimes. Sadly it's all a moot point.

Now if Scooter would only open his fly trap and expose some of the 'ongoing' hostile Israeli espionage against our U.S., along with the Israeli 'moles' that he knows about, then......he would become a 'liability' to some. Would he then scamper for 'DOJ witness protection'?

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