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21 August 2009


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Reminds one of the old joke. A Jewish lady was explaining the High Holy Days to a gentile friend and she says, "And of course we blow the shofar at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur." The gentile lady winces a bit, recovers and says, "Well, you people always are so generous with the help." Some traditions are with us yet.


Does the Pope send out any of these invitations in the name of the Catholic Church? To a "grateful nation"?


Well, I'll sure as hell comment.
My first thought is a question: doesn't this acknowlege that the Israeli "lobby interest organizations" (I don't know what else to call these groups of people) thinks that we, i.e. the people of the United States through our armed forces, are carrying out some sort of service on their (Israels') behalf?
Or is it just a common interest (what exactly do I have in common with them?). Oh yeah: to keep the "Huns" at bay. Or is it to keep the settlements safe? Or is it to keep Haifa safe from rocket attack (or Iranina a-bomb attack). Damn, this is so confusing!
I just hope the sacrifices alot of Americans are making in Iraq and Afghanistan are in the direct interest of my life here in the good ole' USA. But what those interests are I haven't quite figured out yet.

C. Kause

So, just which nation is grateful for the national security support? And do all the stars supposedly showing up at this event indicate advocacy for a particular religion or nation other than the one they have sworn to protect and defend?

There are much easier, less controversial venues for young, hard-charging troops and their senior leaders to get feted at a free feed. JayCees, Rotary Club, VFW, Elks, are a few that immediately come to my mind . . . .

I hope the menu and award are worth the loss of impartiality and apolitical devotion to service and nation. George C. Marshall must be rolling in his grave.


Is there a Muslim Institute for National Security Affairs? If not it might be time for some folks in Dearborn to start one. Nov. 2nd in D.C. would be a perfect date.


Sniff, sniff......I smell FARA violations. JINSA is an agent for a foreign government (Israel) just like AIPAC is. The only difference is that JINSA 'exclusively targets' the U.S. military community with their subterfuge. JINSA represents the interests of a foreign government, not the interests of the United States of America!


All, if the Congress is "cashing in" (awards, employment for family members, scholarships, etc), why not the soldiers?

Let us sell our nation and our future to the highest bidder, oops we already have.

Can you imagine a Muslim organization trying to give out awards?


Who will enforce them?


I find it absurd and hubristic that an private institute like JINSA feels called to issue awards in the name of a grateful nation. How many members has JINSA? A four, five digit number? But they issue awards in the name of an entire, grateful, nation? Maybe their award even comes with a ribbon.

I'd always thought that to express the gratitude of a nation is the business of monarchs, presidents and parliaments - its (elected) representatives.

That aside, this is pretty obviously about JINSA using the armed forces as tapestry for their political events - as a visible demonstration of their influence. Strikingly, they apparently do so with the military's full consent.

Clifford Kiracofe

Are there counterintelligence issues with respect to JINSA and its activities with the US military, active and retired? Trips to Israel for selected officers and the like, etc.?



Yup! JINSA is being 'handled' by Israeli operatives in the backdrop. Israel has the most aggressive hostile intel ongoing collection activities against our U.S. even surpassing the Russians and Chinese. With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

William R. Cumming

There are currently statutory and regulatory prohibitions and restrictions of the recipt of even non-monetary awards for those on active duty and the civil service. Doubtful that whomever provides ethics advice to SOCOM was allowed to conduct such review. Also note the language in part of Section 9 of Article I of the Constitution as follows:
"No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States; And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State." Perhaps the testing of this language by impeachment of the Officers who are recipients would be appropriate, or Courts Martial. Disclosure; I am a former Federal Ethics Official.

Clifford Kiracofe


It would be interesting to tabulate all military officers active and retired who have benefitted from JINSA favors such as "familiarization" trips to Israel. One could then correlate this tabulation with the jobs said officers have held or do hold. One could also examine whether such officers were put on a fast track for promotion...

I had heard that the Israelis have hosted all manner of US law enforcement, down to the state level, for "familiarization" and "training" in Israel.


The point, I think, is to thank America for leading the religious wars of the 21st century. How gracious to accept that priority as its own highest military responsibility!



That is correct. Israel affiliated domestic operations by the U.S. AIPAC/ADL assist the State of Israel in such matters.

Those tasked with investigating Israeli espionage against the U.S. domestically, have a myriad of Israeli affiliated 'snitches' to wade through while trying to keep such investigations from being compromised by Israel's eyes and ears operating on our U.S. soil.

Norwegian Shooter

Here's good news for all you who decry JINSA's influence: "Deck the Halls! JINSA says it's in 'jeopardy'" by Philip Weiss on July 20, 2009.
The URL refers to what it will take to finish them off.

I don't think the awards for junior servicemembers is such a big deal, even if they claim it is from a "Grateful Nation." It's blatant PR, so take it with a grain of salt.

However, it is unprecedented to give the Distinguished Service Award to Generals and Admirals. The Secretary of Army, Navy, Air Force got it once, but in 2001. There have only been 3 JCS who got it: 1988, Pace in 2005 and Mullen last year. It's almost exclusively a civilian award: http://www.jinsa.org/node/721. Have they run out of stooges in congress?

I haven't seen anything that says JINSA has hosted active duty military in Israel. Anybody?

WRC - aren't you going a little over the top?

David Habakkuk

Also noteworthy is the list of recipients of JINSA's 27th annual Henry M. Jackson Distinguished Service Award; who include the Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Army and Air Force, the Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commandants of the Marine Corps and Coast Guard.

The late Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson was a notable pioneer in the art of the threat inflation, which lies at the root of the current security problems of the U.S. -- as also of the U.K. Among past recipients of the award are some notable threat inflators: Cheney, Wolfowitz and Gates. We can only hope that the current recipients do not follow in their footsteps.


Don't forget that Colin Powell 'blamed' the Iraq War Plans on JINSA.

One has to wonder just what 'brew' that JINSA is formenting for the Iran war push.

JINSA IS an agent for a foreign government just like AIPAC, and in some ways are even more dangerous as they have made 'inroads' into our U.S.'s National Security infrastructures.

IMO, JINSA should be 'prohibited' from any interaction with ALL personnel and infrastructures comprising the U.S. National Security make up! JINSA IS a 'foreign agent' who puts the interests of a foreign nation 'ahead of' those of our United States of America!

William R. Cumming

Norwegian Shooter! I have a grudge! After reporting to OGE when a civil servant that many flag ranks were on corporate boards of corporations like life insurers and lenders fleecing the enlisted ranks, nothing happened. Yet the Armed Services ethics operations continued to receive OGE commendations as the best programs in government year after year. Disclosure--I was FEMA ethics official for 5 last year of service and FEMA passed for the first time its OGE audit under my tutelge. Not with flying colors however since I disclosed fully and completely all the problems I was experiencing! The fact that this disclosure was required under OGE regs made little difference. Hey the line needs drawing somewhere and only when the field grades and flag ranks are brought to justice will it happen. Further disclosure rose from Private E-1 to 1LT in a glorious military career (being facetious) that saw no combat and served a total of 2 years, 10 months, 4 days and 7 hours, but who was counting. Read DAVID HACKWORTH's books if you want to learn about real soldiering.

Norwegian Shooter


You suggested a Court Martial for these Generals and Admirals, based on Art. I, Sect 9 of the Constitution. That's way over the top!


Norwegian Shooter's argument seems to be "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Given our history with a certain bunch of parasitic malcontents, mightn't the opening of a courts martial inquiry into those "stars & boards" who continually pimp for more one-sided military involvement in the ME have a salubrious effect?


Norwegian Shooter,

'Why' do you think WRC's suggestion of Court Martial is way over the top? Your 'rationale' regarding 'why' and 'way over the top' assertions now has me 'curious'.

Hmmm....let me get out my UCMJ handbook and take a gander.....hmmm.....

Clifford Kiracofe


1. Jason Vest, "The Men from JINSA" at:

2. JINSA advisory board --note military -- at:

3. Note roles of Steve Bryen and wife Shoshona Bryen in JINSA as founders and etc.

4. Then for background on Steve Bryen consult Mike Saba's "Armageddon Network" book. For those SST readers in government, just review appropriate investigative files.


Colonel Lang,

I have cut and pasted below some information on a fellowship that NROTC 1/C Midshipmen may apply for. I believe that several Midshipmen are selected each year. I wonder how widespread this cultivation of future military officers is.
"The Anna Sobol Levy (ASL) Foundation provides fellowships of $10,000 per year for U.S. citizens who are college graduates to study at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Recipients of ASL fellowships participate in special activities including briefings and visits to Israeli military bases. Fellows may select from a wide variety of courses and are entitled to a private tutorial with a Hebrew University faculty member.

Many ASL Fellows have been new college graduates from ROTC programs or military colleges. Others have been civilian college graduates with backgrounds in international relations, political science, or similar fields.

The purpose of this fellowship is to provide future U.S. leaders considering military or government service an opportunity to learn first-hand about the unique relationship between the U.S. and Israel, to master regional politics, culture, and security affairs, and to study foreign languages."

I particularly liked the part about the "private tutorial with a faculty member". I guess it is just envy. I had to constantly come up with new scenarios on my own to meet targets.

USMC 1965-1972
FBI 1972-1996


How does one spell counter-intelligence nightmare? Try AIPAC/JINSA, along with those Israelis on tourist visas in the U.S. masking their true intelligence functions posing as art students, movers, and mall vendors at malls near our U.S. military installations. It would be great if our political apparatus gave our counter-intelligence community just a little support in this endeavor, instead of trying to end the careers of those tasked with intercepting the counter-intelligence nightmare known as very hostile Israeli espionage apparatus operating on our U.S. soil.

Patrick Lang


Life is short and the demands on me are great. pl

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