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27 June 2009


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colonel, i hope you are right; but i fear otherwise. who is to hold them accountable for the murderous policies and degradation of our country's institutions and values? it certainly won't be congress; the idea of a truth commission is laughable. and, can you imagine the uproar should any international attempts be made against them? oy.

although i must say the one institution that prevented the wholesale evisceration of our constitution were the assorted members of the judiciary who ruled against the bush regime's assault on those rights. and who continue to rollback those policies.

it will be very interesting to see what comes of john yoo's testimony in jose padilla's upcoming case.

Bill Wade, NH, USA

They should also be held accountable for the allowing of torture which ultimately too is a crime against the American soldier.

Dave of Maryland

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neocon scum will be held accountable somewhere, someday for their crimes against the American soldier.

Sounds like you're waiting for Godot. If the men & women of this country want justice, they have the means at their disposal. If they fail to use those means, they are undeserving of their country.


The Surge has been a spectacular success, if you're Mr. Maliki and you didn't intend any political reconciliation.

And that will work out very well for the neocons. Our "non-combat" troops will serve their recruitment purpose, that will lead to the inevitable blowback, and the neocons will return with honor.


"Even some Iraqi officers are worried. Brig. Gen. Mahmoud Muhsen,...

“They are taking away all the equipment that the Americans provide."

Just where did all those billions go over eight years of neocon leadership? How much healh care would that have provided for our own people? Perhpas they could at least have saved a couple million to fix the old soldier's home, which is fast approaching Walter Reed levels of dilapidation.



I'm not arguing with you.

But if you are going to accuse Bush and Cheney of crimes against the American soldier. Then I think, you should be specific. As to what you precieve these "crimes" to be.

Dave of Maryland

With all respects to Highlander & yourself, we know the charges.

We are looking for a leader. Which last year's elections failed to give us.

Someday July 4 will be a day to celebrate again.


"Was this not a crime against the souls of the junior soldiers encouraged and pressured to do such things?"

I agree that when we discuss the costs of torture, we frequently forget what it does to those who perpetrate it.

Cold War Zoomie

Two words: Gross Negligence.


At least let them be tried in the court of public opinion!



i'd venture to say that some of those 'billions' went into cheney's new mansion.

neocon = mismanagement + criminal malfeasance.


Highlander - With all due respect, within the confines of a Blog entry, I think the Colonel has laid out his charges pretty well. If you are looking for a wordy legal indictment, this is not the place. I applaud the Colonel for his forthright, no BS, recital of the Bush and Company catastophic errors.

William R. Cumming

As a practicing Catholic (which I am largely in ignorance of Church doctrine) you rightfully charge these minions with violation of "natural Law" but also violation of International Law and the laws of the United States. A devastating and in my judgement accurate indictment but the bill of particulars is still in draft. And new culprits arise even before the old ones have been made accountable. Time will tell as to accountablilty.

Dan M

Well put colonel.

The last time i spent any time with the men asked to risk their lives for this charade was 3 years ago now. A Marine company in Anbar, with the added twist that they were reservists. A viagra salesman; a reputed "gentlemens club" owner from Nola (he had apparently been shot twice in civilian life); your assortment of college kids, both malingerers and future scholars; a crack sniper who in civilian life was a swat team member from bryan texas and whom i was very taken with (who has struggled mightily with PTSD for years now); etc...

My friend the sniper comes particularly to mind now. As patriotic as the day is long, with never a word of complaint about being there. But he, like almost every man in the company, had no idea why they were there. Once they'd got in country and learned a little bit about the Iraqis, they'd scratch their head. Fight people that want to hurt my family? Yes sir, reporting for duty. But what do these idiots in anbar have to do with any of it.

These men were used as instruments in service of a hair-brained academic theory, and the academecians never gave a thought for their wellfare from day one.

Pat is right. The men who visited this crime upon them will pay some day. But probably not on this earth.


DoM: "We are looking for a leader. Which last year's elections failed to give us.".

Really? Bush, like it or not was a leader. I'm looking for a follower. Specifically someone who will follow the public opinion that the wars on drugs and terror are lost and start finding a new path. It will take someone of no small character to follow the needs and wants of the public. But I'm sick to death of leaders of all stripes, good or bad and I'm sick to death of the assumption that I need or want to be lead.

As for the Col. Lang's list of charges, Amen to that. Here's hoping justice is served in this world and recorded for history, rather than deferred to the next where it must remain speculation.


here's another crew i would love to see indicted; it's grotesque that they continue to suck up billions in taxpayer dollars:

Did toxic chemical in Iraq cause GIs' illnesses?
By SHARON COHEN, AP National Writer

...Among the issues now rippling from the courthouse to Capitol Hill are whether the chemical made people sick, when KBR knew it was there and how the company responded. But the debate is more than about this one case; it has raised broader questions about private contractors and health risks in war zones.

Questions, says Sen. Evan Bayh, who plans to hold hearings on the issues, such as these:

"How should we treat exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals as a threat to our soldiers? How seriously should that threat be taken? What is the role of private contractors? What about the potential conflict between their profit motives and taking all steps necessary to protect our soldiers?

...KBR denies any wrongdoing...



Gallows next to the reflecting pool. As far as I'm concerned you can leave them hanging until the crows pluck their eyes out.


Excellent post, thank you.

I would add a count of war profiteering to the indictment.

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

Is that even possible under the Laws of the United States?

Does any one else know?


Colonel, the facts are pretty clear, many citizens know them but what puzzles me is the relatively low volume of outrage about all these crimes in the military; do you, or other discussants here have an explanation why it is so?


One has to admit that Maliki, al-Hakim, et al are cool, heartless sons of bitches.

As evidenced by the almost total absence of the completion of US directives (e.g., oil carbon law, re-Baathification, etc) they've always had a publicly stiffened raised middle finger raised to the US since day one.

Despite that finger, all sorts of bullshit was generated by the main stream media (ABC, worst: Terry McCarthy was highly productive) to make Iraq a success story.

If you compare the media coverage of Dawa in the 80s with that in the post 911 era, you will see what I mean.

Why Dawa was taken off state's list of state sponsored terrorist groups was never examined.

Shit like that.

The feasts and festivals should be no surprise to anybody.

The writing has been on the wall since the results of the first election were published.

Al-Maliki, al-Hakim, et al had NO history of co-operation with the US, whereas they had decades of experience with Iran.

Bushies did a heckuva job, no?

John Kirkman

Any history of or lessons learned by the trials at Nuremburg are disregarded by our government. This government is elected by and represents us. Where is the outcry for justice? Someday, we, who show no justice to others, will be shown none in return, and fate will bring that day. There can be no peace without justice.

Farmer Don

A clear summation.
I agree with you 100%.

Mac Nayeri

Impressed by your honesty.

William R. Cumming

Yes to BABAK's question. It is possible under the LAWS of the US!

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