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11 June 2009


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The AMF was the biggest mistake?

Eh whatever. The AMF out of Salerno were some of the best fighters we had, always willing to get the job done and pitch in where the ANA was pretty much worthless in all respects.

Mad Dogs

In the exceptionally tribal-based amalgam that is Afghanistan, making "police forces" out of tribes, and then expecting them to police "untribally", has to be one of the dumbest ideas in recent times by pencil-headed US, NATO and NGO bureaucrats.

I wonder when our political, diplomatic and military wunderkinds (and yes, I'm talking to you Holbrooke, Petraeus, Eikenberry, McChrystal, Kilcullen et al.) are going to finally figure out there is no such nation/state thing as "Afghanistan", and that wishing there was is a fool's errand.

It is one thing to fight a war on one side or the other. It is another thing altogether when there is no "side" to be on.


Mad Dogs gets it. Truth be told this is also a war of choice, a needed battlefield for the military/industrial establishment to keep the world hot. As a pundit said recently it's "Vietnam for slow learners".


Karzai a crook? My my, wasn't this the same Hamid Karzai who was invited to speak to a joint session of the Congress, the Honorable J. Dennis Hastert Speaker and Richard V. Cheney President of the Senate? If they want to replace Karzai they could always hire L. Paul Bremmer III I believe he's available and he has experience in firing tens of thousands of government employees all at the same time.

The Bush administration had 8 years to 'win' this; Obama has been in office less than 6 months. He deserves some time, but he sure won't get 8 years.

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