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23 May 2009


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So many suicides and then they try to blame these on bad relationships. Hogwash

These soldiers are overworked under paid and lied to. No pressure there

Diane Greathouse

Thank you, My daughter wants to join the NG after reading your posts I have a little more fuel for thought. My main concern as always that the promises the recruiter is offering her, such as college first, may not come true in a time of war. I realize your debate about "real training and commitment" is valid however with the changing of times so comes the changing of attitudes the services need to take in recruiting quality personnel.

Mom in Al


Mr. Kiracofe,

Re: "Full spectrum dominance" in the multipolar world wer live in is not a realistic national strategy."

They could listen to this guy. --


But are they ever gonna?

Der alte jude, das ist der Mann.

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