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31 May 2009


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Happy Birthday, Colonel.
Wishing you many more.



Happy birthday Colonel and thank you very much for the blog.


Another joining in with birthday wishes. May smiles, laughs and hugs be many.


Again, many thanks for a wonderful blog!

And can someone translate Baback's comment?


Happy Birthday Colonel,

From one 31st baby to another.

dilbert dogbert

Happy Birthday!
The statue does not sit well with me. Why the hell is Borglum having Sheridan backing his horse so strongly? I thought Sheridan was a forward kind of guy.
On my horse all you do is a squeeze, a cluck, shift you weight back and a touch of the bit and back you go. Hell, to bring my horse down to a walk from a canter, all I do is raise my right arm.
The statue makes me focus more on the horse than Sheridan. And, yes, I am a bit picky about horses.
Again, Happy Birthday and many more.
Thanks for having the courage to speak your mind.

knut royce

If you get this many candygrams on your 39th birthday imagine how many you'll receive on your 100th. You're a true wonder! cheers, Knut


Happy birthday, Sir. And thank you for your splendid blog.

Frank Newbauer

Many happy returns! We need you hale and hearty to keep up your valuable service.

Woodford Reserve is the bourbon of choice for special occasions (really, any occasion, but this is special).


Not older, just better.

Got A Watch

Happy belated birthday wishes, Sir. Yes, I catch on a bit slowly, but better late than never.

A voice of sanity in the wilderness. Thanks for all you do.


Happy birthday, Colonel!

Cherry Emery

Many many happy returns of the day . Happy birthday to you Col. . This is a nice posting to hear . Thanks a lot for a nice blogging .


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