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31 May 2009


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Cold War Zoomie

Happy B'day, Col!

It's amazing how well done that statue of Sheridan is - it invoked some long lost memory of his likeness out of my brain's cobwebs. Looks just like him.

Enjoy the weather.

frank durkee

Enjoy. Once again, thanks for the blog.
Frank durkee


Happy Birthday Pat! We all owe you one.


You're a Gemini! Not surprised.


Happy Birthday, careful you don't sit on your new pal.


Happy B-Day mon Colonel

Maureen Lang


Have a great time today on your birthday, dear brother. Hoist a few for me.

Wish we three were there.




Happy Birthday, and many many more! :)
Party hardy.

Sidney O. Smith III

Happy Birthday. Time -- ‘tis the strangest dimension of ‘em of all.

And Borglum’s Sheridan statue is a fascinating one, indeed, and one of particular relevance, at least to me. I admittedly am having a most difficult time understanding Hans Balthasar’s concept of beauty (from what little I have read) and maybe Borglum’s Sheridan presents a strong test of the Balthasar approach to truth and beauty, including that reflected in art.


Happy Birthday Col. Lang! So, what is your birthday drink of choice?

John Minnerath

I tried to give them up about 20 years ago, just haven't been able to do it.
Have a good one and many more!

Babak Makkinejad

كل عام و انت بخير او كل سنة وانت طيب


Happy Birthday Colonel

David Habakkuk

Happy Birthday,

Have a good drink, and thanks for the blog, which has been a happy place for me, as I suspect quite a few others.


happy birthday,

super funny hamster youtube clip. (been making its round on the net, probably seen it.)

THE LEGEND of Hamster on a piano and pop corn!



My best wishes Pat.


Cher Pat,

Bon Anniversaire!



Colonel Lang,

Best Wishes and "Thanks" for

USMC 65-72
FBI 72-96

R. Makinde

Happy Birthday Sir. May the years ahead be the best ever


Feliz Cumpleaños!


تولدت مبارک

Padayish rawaz day unbaraksha!


happy birthday and thanks for the great read over they years, even though you have responded to some of my postings with a mild bollocking!


Happy Birthday, Colonel!

I recommend whisky and lamb fries (more of the former, less of the latter)

The beaver

Joyeux Anniversaire Colonel Lang

William R. Cumming

Time for blog honest Pat! How old are you exactly, and where were born? Not doing astrology so don't need time of day!

Keep on blogging forever!

Happy Birthday.


Happy Birthday. Thanks for what you do.

Do more than have a drink. Go get a good massage..do something special!

Keep shining the light!

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