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26 May 2009


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Charles I

". . the new policy should be to establish such teams in areas still free of the Taliban and before the insurgents can gain a foothold in them."

Man, if that's state of the art thinking after 7, 8 years of this, and now we're broke to boot, it was over along time ago.

Still free. . . has a fin de siecle ring to it

alnval, my country mucking around in a foreign country like that, I'd like to live in a country where its your Duty to discuss these oft harebrained schemes in public.

Patrick Lang


Duty -

"Stern daughter of the voice of God." Wordsworth

"The sublimest word in the English language." Robert Lee


Apologies for mentioning the dirty word oil but Iran and Pakistan have just signed up for a gas pipeline deal which, this Asia Times article argues, completely alters the strategic balance in Central Asia and proves a victory for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization view of the world:



Colonel Lang,

What professionals are you talking about that are trained like SWAT teams? I'm honestly curious, and wondering if you could expand on that comment.

Patrick Lang


The whole DA CT SOF ground force. pl


Colonel Lang,

Ah. Well, that's certainly an understatement of sorts, but fitting.

Alba Etie

What impact will the current Pakistani military operation have -that apparently has driven the Taleban out of the Swat valley -including just today Mingora ,
Could one ray of hope be that the ISSI and the current Pakistan leadership actually views the Taleban as a larger threat then the Indians?
And what was the purpose of the recent meeting of the leaders of Pakistan, Afgahnistan and Iran ? Could these three countries have decided to confront alQaida & the Taleban in a regional cohesive manner ? Is it worth considering that the Iranians (who almost went to war with the Taleban at least twice in the late nineties) might actually be willing to help the US/Nato efforts to defeat the jihadis ?
And where do the Chinese and the Russians figure into this regional equation ?It would appear to be self evident that it is no country's interest to allow the Taleban/jihadis to overthrow the government of either Afghanistan or Pakistan .
Are we possibly seeing an emerging coalition of regional action against the Taleban and other extremist ?
Is it not possible that a regional security approach focued on defeating the extremist could somehow be fashioned ?


video clip. Mingora. Taliban tried to hold this town.



Peshawar/Islamabad—The security forces on Saturday gained full control of Mingora , the headquarters of Swat which was occupied by the insurgents, killing more than two dozens of militants including their two commanders.

As the operation was extended to picturesque hill station Kalam and Guli Bagh in the outskirts of Mingora, the security forces and the militants were reportedly locked in fierce fighting near Kalam where at least one soldier embraced Shahadat taking the death toll of the soldiers killed during the ongoing operation to 81. 250 men in uniform sustained injuries during action against the insurgents challenging the government writ in the region. This was confirmed by the DG ISPR who also said 1217 insurgents were killed so far and around 90 others arrested.


Is there a Mission Plan and Objective yet ?
You've been appropriately caustic in the past about any 'plan' purporting to 'rebuild' Afghanistan. That won't be happening : no problem, right ? Time line is fun too : how many commenters have heard of the British Army loss of 12,000 in the Khyber Pass...in 1835 ? That makes a '100 year war' sound like definite understatement.
I'm afraid I tag the 'anti-drug' policy as simple Air Amerika which destroys the pitiable local economic base and causes death by starvation as surely as killing the buffalo did for the Plains Indians...and do compare strategies.
The 'Post-Saddam Iraq' wargame 'Desert Crossing' still gives the the best compliance with the arc of U.S. activities in support of openly stated PNAC policies and objectives. There is no mystery here : just chronic organized obfuscation of the planned depriving Russia of oil with which to defend herself...an idea with which she is well acquainted.


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