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22 April 2009


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Charles I, MSM reported that Blackwater were hired by wealthy indidviduals in New Orleans to protect their mansions, and, though some were, Blackwater also had a contract with the Federal Government to police the streets and were deputized. From Counter Punch:

Contrast with the cop wrestling a gun away from a grandmother who stayed in her house after Katrina and could have used the protection. It's on youtube.

It didn't take this long to rebuild SF after the 1906 earthquake. Katrina is a repeating and stark metaphor for the looting of this country that is continueing with Geithner, Summers, Bernake and the rest on the long list. Every disaster an opportunity-- isn't that the theme of A New American Century?


Col Lang -- Thanks. Your point on Harmon's truthiness is well taken.
Charles 1 and Babak - agreed

Cold War Zoomie

I won't go into the gory details, but I see no reason why there cannot be both FBI and NSA transcripts. That doesn't seem like a discrepancy to me. Actually, I think it helps narrow down who these people may be if both agencies are truly involved.

Here's a little twist that recently popped into my little brain...

At my first duty station overseas, we received periodic briefings of how to handle intercepted communications that had swept up a US citizen. If my memory serves me right, we were supposed to ignore the US side of the conversation although I think the entire conversation was documented. In other words, the US side of the conversation was off-limits as far as the US government was concerned.

But that was back before dual citizenship was recognized in the USA. What happens today if an NSA intercept sweeps up a dual citizen while they are overseas, especially if they are working on behalf of a foreign government? Do the same oversight rules from the late 1980s still apply?

SAC Brat


Don't worry too much about the JSF files. It is very hard to build an airplane that is not a static display and there is no assurance that the info doesn't contain engineering errors. Everyone has been trying to build engines and airplanes for years and even the US has built a lot of turkeys.

It's likely the JSF files were a stalking horse. It depends on which side of the Americans-are-smart/Americans-are-stupid coin lands face up. The magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology will be your best source of info if you read it right. It has a good signal to noise ratio.


Here's a list of countries that recognize dual citizenship. What surprises me is Russia not only recognises dual citizenship but does not recognize a Russian emigrants citizenship to another country, in other words, they will always consider you a Russian citizen.



well, if somebody say what phone harman is using, I am sure somebody would be able to supply a method to listen in to her line pronto. I not like it's a big secret or anything. All phone is tapped.

Charles I

optimax, thanks for the link, I'm way behind on my surfing, haven't had time for Counterpunch for a long while.

I didn't post this before for lack of a cite.

About two months ago I heard a documentary by an American reporter on the CBC Radio foreign affairs show Dispatches about white on black violence by hoc civilian local neighbourhood watch formations in the days after Katrina. It reported several alleged white on black murders and numerous other shootings. Alleged white locals were recorded in semi-candid admissions as having "taken care of" transient blacks with obvious relish. Black men related events ranging from they and family being refused passage through through sometimes barricaded public streets, being run off off at gun point - before or after assault - to being shot.

Now I'll go mad trying to recall the Blackwater cite that I don't now, certain I haven't conflated the above with it.

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