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10 April 2009


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Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Interesting and rather heroic oil painting of the LTG. But somehow "Odierno of Iraq" lacks the poetry of "Lawrence of Arabia." Or am I to dumb to recognize the new Patton?

Re the uniforms, I remember that the original Air Force uniform WAS intended to be distinct, yet subdued. Hence the oxidized insignia and badges. Emphasizing the past tense. No mas.


There was a USNI Proceedings article back in the '90s, advocating Navy officers to wear only 3 rows of ribbons.

Charles I

Maybe not just Odierno, judging by this from the BBC today:

"US troops 'might stay in N Iraq'

US combat troops may stay in northern Iraq after a deadline for them to pull back by the end of June has passed, the top US commander in the area has said.

Col Gary Volesky said his soldiers would stay in Mosul and other nearby cities where al-Qaeda remained a threat if the Iraqi government asked them to.. . . "


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