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03 April 2009


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Once again we support some really bad people because we think it is in our best interest.

March 14th, with cash from the Saudis, is funding some serious bad guys for not much more reason than that they hate the Shi'a. These same well funded and armed groups dont always follow the game plane and what we get then is armed uprisings and the leveling of Palestinian refugee camps.

Our cash and arms helped fund the precursors of the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan, who knows what evil our cash and arms is starting up in Lebanon now.

Ga'Ga' (GeaGea) was best known for heading up fascist militia who used to perform an off sort of ID check at the road blocks in Beirut. They'd have you drop your pants. If you were cut, you were a Muslim and they'd kill you and cut off your penis and keep them.

These are the sorts we are dealing with now.

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