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02 February 2009


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I second that Col! See Greenwald's piece on him. Look for Matt Tabbi's "cheeseburger" comment.



I couldn't agree more. You are so right. Daschle has embarrassed his president, and should have the grace and guts to admit it and withdraw. I felt the same way about the new treasury secretary. I'm a strong Obama supporter, but he needs to set the proper example here, and quickly.


Col. Lang,
I can't keep up with the rules on these no-tax-paying scandals. Some get ensnared and are dropped (Daschle?, Richardson); some are ensnared, but not dropped (Geithner); and some are sorta left alone but with big question marks (Hillary/Clinton foundation??).

My cynical side says that most of the prominent gov players have tax problems in their pasts and yes, I thought this issue was that oncea convenient or, rather inconvenient disqualifier for office....except when it isn't for the truly special....Geithner. HA!

The average taxpayer that hates (or will come to hate) TARP and its forthcoming sequels, are watching... The rich and powerful have been exposed -- they don't play fair. Gov officials with Taxes unpaid, executives with bonuses from taxpayers, jets all around.

"They'll" try to make an example of Daschle perhaps to compensate for moral hazard created by Geithner, but I don't buy it at all. Hypocrisy for all of congress that voted for Geithner and who will now turn and scold Daschle (they will and he'll be symbolically punished)

How about a tax audit for all of congress, in addition to incoming appointee nominations?! Boy, would these hypocrites howl!!!


What happened to the days when the IRS would put tax evaders in jail?

If these folks don't have the decency to fall on their own swords, then we should bring back the pillory and expose them to public humiliation (and maybe a few volleys of tomatoes).

Real quick, that would clear up the "inattention" that led to the "unintended" behavior.


In the news

Obama stands by Daschle nomination....

CA has no money to payout taxpayer rebates...IOus to be dispensed...

Non taxpayers slated to received tax "rebates" in Maximus Stimulus proposal....

More taxpayer money for financials...

Message received: only fools pay their taxes.


Gosh this audience is harsh. He did not receive a 1099 from the employer and owner of the limo. Required under law. His cpa preparing the return had no idea because there was no tax document identifying the transaction. Very easy to screw up. These are unusual transactions---that we don't have enough info on why they weren't reported. Should that automatically end your public career? Is it an example of how screwed up/difficult the tax system is? I'm far more concerned about the corps that are holding their earnings offshore in tax havens to evade taxes--or the hedge fund owners who got a multi billion dollar break on their earnings. Let's keep things in perspective.


Jesus, what a f***ing surprise!!!
Inside the beltway elites cheat on taxes....
"Hope and change" from the demcong.



So much for Obama's 'change we can believe in' stuff.

Obama says 'absolutely' standing by Daschle


Pat, You're right that at the center of our disgust/disappointment is the overblown promise of "change we can believe in".

Expectations for this administration were WAY too high from the get-go. Now it's time for reality to settle in.

What the president meant to say was "business as usual" now that the votes are cast.

There is no doubt that Tom Daschle would make a good secretary, nor that Bill Lind would be a good DEPSECDEF, but the president PROMISED us, with a great deal of fanfare, that this administration would be different. So some of you are going to be disappointed, but all of us need to get over it.

Don't even get me started about the bi-partisan stimulus package!

Patrick Lang


you don't think they should be punished when they are caught? pl


I think that Daschle should receive the same treatment that I would receive for not reporting income: criminal prosecution.
BUT, there is one set of rules for the "governing class" and another for the rest of us.
BTW, it's not a Republican or Democratic thing.
It's the "rulers" vs. the "peasants."
Look at how Geithner waltzed in.


What's wierd is that I don't recall any such scandals at the beginning of the Bush II administration, and they *had* to have far more abuses.



I propose that all former Congressmen have/are required to serve a 4 year hitch as a sewer cleaner after they leave their Congressional Office. Hopefully after their 4 year required stint as a sewer cleaner, they'll be less inclined to give U.S. all their after-office horse-manure, like what Daschle is doing.

Just a thought.


JohnH -

For there to be criminal prosecution, they have to be able to prove intent to evade or defraud. It is not a strict liability issue. Without intent, they can only collect the missing amount plus penalties and interest.

William R. Cumming

Sorry no mercy. If he vouchered for the income probably no 1099 required. Let's have limit of one tax cheat per cabinet and that one can be Treasury Secretary. Always remember that "Change" and "Reform" are not synonymus.

Cloned Poster


Look at this guardian article today.

Let them eat cake:


And we are saving the banks?


I think we should hold the whole government to those high standards.I'd be surprised if there was a handful left in D.C. after the audits were finished.


I agree completely.

There should be no place in government for those who subscribe to the Leona Helmsley school of public administration.

And as far as the "he didn't know" argument is concerned, when you get to the point where you can't remember that you're getting many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of renumerations, then you have no place in government for this day and age.

Empathy for the common citizen needs to be requirement #1 for all civil servants.


Obama's, "change we can believe in" as unfortunately become, "same circus, different clowns."

The man is unfit for office, as were several other appointments by the President.

The IRS should treat him like any other American who tried to evade his taxes.

hope4usa - Daschle was Majority Leader of the Senate and I am sure, well aware of what his was doing.

Buzz Meeks


Appointing Rahm Emmanuel to anything at all should have lowered everyone's expectations of a higher standard in appointed government positions. Billary was the icing on that cake.

Justice Dept investigations into Bush Evil Empire goons isn't going to happen and RICO isn't around when you need him. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. McCain would have been throwing the lobster into the pot of boiling water. Obomba has put the lobster in the pot and set the temp to simmer.. we will just go to sleep as the water warms.

Buzz Meeks

Nancy K

I agree with home4usa, I'm not as concerned about those who didn't pay 100% of their taxes as those who didn't pay any taxes because they have off shore accounts. Also, Daschle won't be facing criminal prosecution and neither would graywolf, he will have to pay the right amt of taxes and possibly a penalty. the sad reality is many hedge on their taxes and it just isn't Democrats looking for a cabinet position, although it seems like it right now.


Seeing how the guy made millions off this lobbying I find it hard not be be "harsh" when judging him. Plus, $128K is a helluva lot to owe in "back taxes." It's far more than the vast majority of Americans make in a year.

What a jerk!


What worries me about Daschle is his cozy relationship with the industries he'd be required to ride herd on if he were SecHHS.

Unfortunately, as that link suggests, Daschle's coziness with big healthcare, big pharma, and the insurance industry are part of a pattern. The next nominee will probably have a better accountant, but I doubt he'll be any better suited to fixing our healthcare system.


Daschle skirted the now loophole-filled Obama "no lobbyist" litmus test because he wasn't "registered", but was acting in an "advisory capacity" when giving speeches and advocating on behalf of the health-care industry, an industry he's expected to "take on" as HSS Secretary. The income tax stuff is routine veniality, but hustling coin from those who mightily oppose MEANINGFUL health-care reform should have been an automatic disqualifier. I mean, what is the bloody point of Obama making a huge thing about "no lobbyists in MY administration, then issuing all these "waivers" that simply opens the door once again to special interest groups who have had the run of the town for decades? "Change we can believe in?? Bollocks.


Withdraw indeed. He’ll need that K street job to pay back the taxes he made on that other K street job. Embarrassed? Second to Bill Frist, that's not embarrassing, that's insulting.

J, I think the other sewer cleaners would insist on someone who could carry his own weight; but at least you did not suggest he be a garbage man. I need mine, unlike doctors these guys come buy the house 52 times a year! Perhaps we should elect some of them to the Senate and House in 2010, they can then do what they do best.

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