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01 February 2009


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And here is more evidence of where Israeli politics are now heading:

National Union candidate: Kahane was right

Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, No. 4 on rightist party's Knesset list, offers to expel Israel's Arabs to countries such as Venezuela and Turkey, seeks to banish 'leftists' from High Court, and believes in rebuilding Temple in Jerusalem

Eight days ahead of the general elections, and with polls predicting four Knesset seats for the National Union, Dr. Michael Ben-Ari – number four on the party's list and a man who defines himself "Kahane's student and follower" - is very likely to find himself in the Israeli parliament.

In a conversation with Ynet, Ben-Ari presented his proposed solution to the "problem" of Israeli Arabs, declared he would not be part of a Knesset that engages in negotiations with the Palestinians and explained his support for soldiers disobeying orders.

"I'm not the only one who represents (late Rabbi Meir) Kahane. He's represented by a great many people today, within the Knesset and outside it," Ben-Ari stated. "(Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor) Lieberman masquerades as Kahane to win more mandates, (Likud MK) Limor Livnat also sounds like Kahane, and everybody realizes the need for a solution to the problem of Israeli Arabs – a subject which was once taboo.

"The saying, 'Kahane was right,' has already been used up. You can practically see how what Rabbi Kahane brought up 24 years ago has now become the central issue of this election campaign," he added.

Ben-Ari explained that his plan was to open a "humanitarian corridor" for Arabs to places like Turkey or Venezuela, and raise money worldwide that would go towards providing them with an "acclimatization grant" in their new countries.

Ah, yes, what to do about "the Arab Problem"?? Is that anything like "the Jewish Problem" in Hitler's Germany? No? Why not? How about a resurrection of the "ship them to Madagascar" idea? Simply put, there is no longer any constituency for a "two-state solution" amongst the Israeli people and politicians that can in any way satisfy even minimal Palestinian requirements, and the very best of luck to George Mitchell in sussing out "moderates" in Israel to whom he can talk "peace process".


Thanks Ingolf for that fascinating, complex and paradoxical interview.


Dennis Ross Chairmanship of Israeli Government Funded Think Tank Could Torpedo Iran Envoy Job


Clifford Kiracofe

A truce would be the best option for both sides but the Zionist entity does not seem so inclined preferring ritual murder of children and women as we have seen, continue to see, and will see.

Castellio, All,

Given the current hysterical political scene in "Israel", I would recommend an additional excellent book by the late Israel Shahak and a friend of mine:

Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky, Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel (London: Pluto Press, 2004 New Edition).

Haven't heard much about the Gaza issue out of the Obama Administration yet.

1. Does the Obama Administration take the position that HAMAS is a resistance organization with a right to (armed) resistance under international law?

Perhaps former Senator Mitchell, a lawyer, might enlighten us or perhaps the Secretary of State, also a lawyer, could clarify the Obama Administration's position with respect to international law on this issue.

2. And what is the Obama Administration's position on the Palestinian right of return to all the territory within "historic Palestine"?

3. And what PRECISELY is the Obama Administration's position on Jerusalem?

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