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01 February 2009


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Thank You, Col.

I was never convinced that stopping the mini-rockets was ever Israel's purpose. The purpose was to demonstrate to the Palestinians, not Israel's brutality, but the fact that nobody who matters in the world cares much. Sure, there were protests, but the governments of Europe seemed in lockstep behind Israel. Even Egypt didn't bother to hide its complicity anymore.

Also, the world becomes accustomed to Israel's brutality. Next time they can do even worse, and the time after that...

Until they reach a point where ethnic cleansing or some other form of final solution becomes not unthinkable.

They key is to do it gradually. Kill them off by inches rather than butchering them all at once.

The world will hardly notice.

Sorry if I seem grim. Maybe they wont succeed, but I believe that's the plan.

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