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06 February 2009


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Pat, you are falling for a trick Ignatius applies here.

He wants to send Brzezinski and Scowcroft for a show and uses up 95% of his column to promote that.

Ignatius' real intend is to push for Dennis Ross into the Iran project manager position.

His last but one sentences:

If they did become President Obama's emissaries, they should take along someone who could coordinate the dialogue and its aftermath. Dennis Ross, expected to be the State Department's senior adviser on Iran, could play that role.

With Dennis Ross having ANYTHING to do with negotiations with Iran those negotiations WILL FAIL.

That is Dennis Ross' intend laid out in this report (pdf) Ross signed on to.

Negotiations, says the paper essentially, are just a necessary stunt to create public support for the bombing that needs to follows them.

Ignatius is simply trying to be "intelligent" in pushing for this.

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