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11 January 2009


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that is hogwash. "Maimonides wrote on theodicy (the philosophical attempt to reconcile the existence of a God with the existence of evil in the world). He took the premise that an omnipotent and good God exists. He adopts the Aristotelian view that defines evil as the lack of, or the reduced presence of a God, as exhibited by those who exercise the free choice of rejecting belief." from Wikipedia.
Maimonides lived in the 13th century, like everybody then - Christians, Jews, Muslims he believed that anything in war was just if g-d was with you (g-d had a very split personality then, however, Mainomides also insisted that g-d was not multiple - that would have meant more than one person courd be right at the same time, I suppose. actually he lived in the times of the crusades.
if Israel wishes to go on a Jewish crusade - good luok. It has now united every kind of Muslim against them including the Catholic church and worldly atheists like this ex-Catholic European, and many more.
I recommend the ring parable by Gotthold Emmanuel Lessing - that is 18th century enlightenment, which unfortunately did not really catch on in Germany.

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