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02 January 2009


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True. I love pithy commentary. I've never heard a Sec State utter so many dopey comments. Then again, I'm a fairly young man.


Well, remember this is a person who has the following extremely insightful (NOT!) view of the area:

a) She recently summed up the past 8 years of the ME peace process as years of violence followed by "Finally... it was clear to all that there was no alternative to President Bush’s vision of a state of Palestine and a state of Israel living side by side in peace and security (see http://www.state.gov/secretary/rm/2008/12/113242.htm)

b) Recently said "... "We helped to see Israeli forces leave Gaza, the first time that Israel had really, with the Palestinians, given back occupied territory. We worked hard. Unfortunately, the Palestinians weren’t really ready to take responsibility in Gaza..." & "We’re leaving this in a lot better shape than we found it ..." She also seemed very taken with Sharon's sheep (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3646204,00.html)


Heard her breathlessly scolding Hamas to "stop attacking Israel." To Israel: unleash the slaughter.

Last count, 400 dead Palestinians; 4 Israelis.

Jackie Shaw

I quess this means the Gazans will have to rein in their Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy that have the poor Israelis under assault. Do they even have an airfield? Any boats other than fishing boats?

I screamed at the radio this afternoon when they quoted what Rice said. What an upside down world!

Duncan Kinder
Say what? "Acceptable" to whom? The US? Does that mean that we are a party to the war? Yes. That is what it means. pl

So long as various Muslim governments continue to purchase US Treasury securities, we must also conclude that that it is "Acceptable" to those various governments.


Thanks, Col. I was wondering what her final act of secretarial malpractice would be....and now I know.

We really are all Israelis now! And yet....I still feel so American.


We need a common enemy to unite us.” - Condoleezza Rice

Easy to unite the U.S. and Israel and avoid discussing the real issues in the Middle East, but what has non-resistance gotten Mr. Abbas?


Here are some questions Glen Greenwald asks:

>>>>Is there any other significant issue in American political life, besides Israel, where (a) citizens split almost evenly in their views, yet (b) the leaders of both parties adopt identical lockstep positions which leave half of the citizenry with no real voice? More notably still, is there any other position, besides Israel, where (a) a party's voters overwhelmingly embrace one position (Israel should not have attacked Gaza) but (b) that party's leadership unanimously embraces the exact opposite position (Israel was absolutely right to attack Gaza and the U.S. must support Israel unequivocally)? Does that happen with any other issue?<<<<

I think most of us here at SST know the answer/s. The issue become why is this so? And what, if anything, can be done about it?


Michael Chevalier

She started out not knowing which sect of Islam the majority of Iranians were. Now this. At least there is symmetry.

Let's hope her piano playing skills got better in the last 8 years. She should definitely quit her day job.

Michael Chevalier

Clifford Kiracofe

"Does that mean that we are a party to the war? Yes. That is what it means."

Yes indeed. Was it not predictable that Israel would launch against Gaza in the last days of the Bush Admin? Wasn't the Israeli campaign against Hizbollah in 2006 coordinated with the White House?

Condi's comments seem to be intended to provide cover for the Israelis and, IMO, indicate a degree of coordination. Green lights, winks, nods, and whatever else.

So what will the Israelis present to the Obama Administration? And more to the point, which "faction" within the Obama foreign policy team will prevail: the ardent Zionists or the non-Zionists?

The rubber hits the pavement on 20 January and the entire world will be watching for signals on the direction of US foreign policy. Change? What change, where, when? If Obama is not careful, it might be a very short honeymoon.


Why can't the Bush regime leave with some kind of shred of dignity left? For the sake of the nation if they don't need it themselves.

It's pathetic how low Bush has made the nation too. Total neocon tool.


We live in a country that has accepted the faulty concept of "the war on terror."

Who determines what constitutes terror? Well that would be The Decider.

The logic is fairly straight forward from here: shooting rockets at Israel is terrorism, members of Hamas are shooting the rockets, Hamas are terrorists, Hamas is part of the global war on terror, we are at war with Hamas.


Col, excuse me. I thought that a vote by congress should be required to be a party to war. What am I missing?


Of course we are a party to the conflict. We can no more divorce ourselves from it than we can divorce ourselves from the US made planes, helicopters, bombs, rockets, munitions, communications, etc., that gives the beligerants the means to wage the conflict. Cut them all off, let them fight with bows and arrows (see photo 23: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/12/the_year_2008_in_photographs_p.html and photo 21: http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/12/2008_the_year_in_photographs_p.html ), and let them eat sand.


We live in a country that has accepted the faulty thinking wrapped in the concept of "the war on terror."

Who determines what constitutes terror? Well that would be The Decider.

The logic is fairly straight forward from here: shooting rockets at Israel is terrorism, members of Hamas are shooting the rockets, Hamas are terrorists, Hamas is part of the global war on terror, we are at war with Hamas.


and now on saturday afternoon, we can interpret condi's message as the ok for israel to do as it is doing as of this momennt - send ground forces into gaza

i am not surprised that biden's predicted early test for obama comes at the hands of the israel

Mark Logan

I also heard her say that
Hamas came to power by way of "military coup".

In for a dime...


Well, the middle east agenda is certainly set for next 4-8 yrs.

endless conflict in Gaza.


Gaza Strip: Israeli troops enter northern Gaza, initiating a much-anticipated ground offensive. Hours earlier, Israel fired artillery shells across the border for first time since the offensive began.
Gaza City: One of the leaders of Hamas's military wing, Abu Zakaria al-Jamal, was killed in an overnight raid.
South Israel: At least 20 Palestinian rockets landed, including in Ashkelon, Ashdod and Sderot. No casualties were reported but a house in Ashkelon was hit.
Beit Lahiya: At least 10 Palestinians were killed by an Israeli strike on a mosque, local medical sources said. Earlier, a caretaker was killed in a raid which destroyed large parts of the town's American school.


"the birth pangs of a new middle east," was her prior statement w/ respect to a 2006 ceasefire. Someone ran a cartoon of a pregnant Rice w/ a monkey fetus in her womb.

Of course as a member of the UN security council which can vote on calls for cease fires she can mouth her opinion.

An airstrike or cannon fire in a densely populated Gaza is a violationof the 4th Geneva Convention per se. It is our money paying for the ordinance and jet fuel. The American tax payers are accomplices.


Now, Israel has started its advance. It seems to be a totally futile act. What possible benefit does Israel expect to gain by invading? Will someone please clue me in on the answer to my question.

Leila Abu-Saba

I am going to have to check out of the internet for the next few years I guess.

My only thought: the Palestinians know how to endure. They are not going to be exterminated and they are not going to go away. No matter how much Israel throws at them, no matter how many Israel kills, Israel can win no victory in this war. Perhaps that's why the apologizers for Israel sound so desperate.


Colonial powers have only succeeded in eliminating resistance to occupation by exterminating or relocating virtually all of the native population. Brutalizing the natives into docility has never worked. For Israel to survive as a Jewish State they need to kill or relocate the vast majority of the native Palestinian population. The Israelis are never going to convince the Palestinians that a book of Jewish fairy-tales gives a bunch of Germans and Russians de-facto ownership to the land and the right to subjugate anyone of "the wrong" religion. Sixty years of occupation; I simply don't see how this won't be a 100-years war. South Africa ended apartheid... but I just don't see Israel becoming a secular democracy (ala India).


Yep, Condi's photo and comments will make the next Al Quaeda recruiting poster as we foster creating yet another generation of radical crazies.

Leila Abu-Saba

Philip Weiss posts many invaluable links. This comment by an IDF veteran of the '82 war on Lebanon is blistering, and says essentially what I say in my Crusader comment - but in a style much more vicious than mine:



Someone mentioned Rice's "birth pangs" curious turn of phrase from July 2006. Given (GWB &) Rice's expressed strong belief in the bible, etc. I was surprised at the time that no one asked Rice re her statement, and if her mention of "birth pangs" was in a reference to the end of the age? For context, see Matthew 24:8 and Mark 13:8

Would have been interesting to know the answer, especially given that the semi-official position is that Ahmedinajad is not to be taken seriously since he is an end-of-times nut!


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