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21 January 2009


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Please do not equate the oppressed and the oppressors.I agree with Mo's point, the context of nationalism do not apply to this man made disaster.
I will send a link, it is in Arabic, a young boy, his city was bombed by Americans I'll translate:

We come here to stand with our people in Deir Ez Zour-a village that was bombed by the Americans a couple of months ago-they were victims of a brutal occupation, WE,if we only think, ONLY THOUGHT of attacking Israel, the UN security council and the whole world will go berserk. But America went and hit Deir El Zour , no one talked to her, ( he cries)we want to hold accountable those who killed the people of Deir el Zour , we are not here just to stand.

We are going to grow up and uproot you from your land, you America.

Colonel what will you tell this boy ?

Barbara Sibold

Private note:

Old Timers here can tell them that I HATE NATIONALISM. All nationalism, everywhere.

Interesting. Than you share one basic feature with Norman Finkelstein and me.



I am uninterested in your opinion of my views or motivations. pl

Cold War Zoomie

Now, a Dalesman from beyond Skipton will forgive an injury when the Strid lets a man live; but a South Devon man is as soft as a Dartmoor bog.

Hi David-

Your quote has me going all nostalgic, and straying off subject (it's my mid-life crisis rearing its ugly head!) My years spent in the UK are some of my most cherished. I really did love it over there, except for the weather of course - especially in Yorkshire. The South was a little more tolerable in that regard.

Skipton was just a few miles from me. I lived in Killinghall a few years, just down the road from the Wharfe. Lots of motorcycle rides through Wharfedale.

To get back on subject a little - Mitchell has already started work and is doing what I think we all believe is best: listening. I was very relieved to hear Obama make that point a few days ago on US tellie.

And I think you are probably right about the State Department based on my very limited experience with them. But I didn't want to make a sweeping judgment yet again since I've been pretty brutal in my State Department "assessments" before. The DoS organizational culture and I did not get along to say the least, and that tends to color my view.

I am ashamed to admit that I have never read any Kipling by my own volition. Almost 30 years ago I know I read something by him in school, but that is long forgotten. Thanks to your comments, I started fresh and read Pig online.

Wonderful story.

I'll change my sweeping, generalizing comparison from before - no one holds a grudge like a Yorkshireman.

And I'm off to the library this week to get a copy of Kim.


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