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16 November 2008


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Interesting story.....jailed former US Rep and a connection with Iranian 'grand peace plan'?


Who knows the truth, or even a truth? But a curious story if nothing else.



You did a great job, both at your talk and in Josh Landis' KGOU interview. We thank you for sharing your views with so many people here in Oklahoma.

Leila Abu-Saba

What Josh Landis KGOU interview? I googled this and it's not on the site. MP3 anybody?

Patrick Lang


KGOU and the university are going to send me media with which I can put both the interview and the lecture on SST. pl


from syriacomment.com

prof josh landis blog ok w/ nice pix except the military attache part

"(By the way, Colonel Patrick Lang just visited the University of Oklahoma to give a lecture. It was very nice to meet him after years of reading his fine blog. He gave an excellent and sweeping lecture on the state of the Middle East. He was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Middle East stuff for some years, the head of human intelligence, was military attache in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Yemen, a Green Baret and many other things to boot. "

SAC Brat

Excellent. I was hoping you would post the media. I get called in to be an expert on flight guidance and navigation systems and it is always impressive to watch you explain the more complicated and nuanced problems in your area of expertise. Watching you handle questions on The Newshour before the Iraq war started was what led me to this website.

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