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20 October 2008


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Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

That a school is hosting a panel on "Torture and American Culture" at all shows how far we have fallen in the last eight years... Good luck.

William R. Cumming

Read an interesting and unbelievably well-researched book published this year by Stanford Law Professor Laura Donohue "The Cost of Counterterrorism" comparing U.S. and British approaches to terrorism, including adoption of torture, and their historic and legal basis and relative success. Unfortuantely, the final words on interrorgation techniques may still be a long way off in the US Court System. Also the final word on whether successful. It should be noted that the Brits official adopted torture as far back as 1922,mainly during the Troubles (Ireland) but then retreated for a variety of reasons, including public reaction and effectiveness. Too bad this analysis not available immediately after 9/11. I again repeat that the Reagan Administration did a relatively complete analsysis of Article 3 of the Geneva Convention and its application to non-uniformed terrorists and combatants that has never been made public or provided to Congress.


Colonel Lang - Here is hoping that Fordham will post video or full transcipts of the panel discussions. BTW, thank you for your opposition to the reprehensible torture policies of this administration.

Margaret Steinfels

Mike: a transcript will be posted on our website: www.fordham.edu/ReligCulture in the next week or so.

Pat Lang is an honest man and his presentation and remarks were terrific and illuminating.

Mark Logan

Sequel..dare I hope??

Patrick Lang

Mark Logan

I need to go over the draft, chapterize it, put maps in this time and then I will publish. A few months...

I want to put Keith Rocco's painting "The Fifes and Drums" on the cover. His "Confederate Reconnaissance" was on the last one. So I need to make arrangements with him. pl


Welcome home, sir.

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