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26 September 2008


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William R. Cumming

Well good to make up your mind and probably will vote for Obama also. But think events are still in the saddle. Hope all goes well for the candidates and country between now and election but it is a dicey time for both in my judgement. By the way the President signed into law secret service protection for form Vice Presidents. Guess we know one who wants to continue the trappings but hopefully not his current power.

R Whitman

I, too, will reluctantly vote for Obama. With regard to Bill Clinton, the man has a "need" to get a Nobel Prize to erase the stigma of impeachment. The best thing would be to appoint him the presidential representative to the Palestinian-Israeli Peace "Process". If he pulls it off , it is Nobel time and also solves a 40+ year problem.

How in San Clemente

Dear Pat,
Having Hillary on the Supreme Court is a brilliant first step in restoring balance to that slanted bench.

FB Ali


It has been obvious for quite a while that you were not too enamoured of Obama. I admire your realism and courage in coming out with this public endorsement.

It is unfortunate that there are not many among those who have a voice in the USA who publicly choose based on what is best for their country rather than on some parochial interest or prejudice.

Well done!

Tom S


Good for you! It is a delight to know that there are people out there who, although they probably do not share my political philosophy (born-again liberal), are able to weigh the the choices at hand and make a decision based on rational thought, not emotion. I hope there are more like you in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and in the country at large.


The campaign managers for Sen. McSame are agile dancers. When a position becomes difficult to hold, they shift to an unrelated position to destroy audience focus on a problem. A terrible October surprise for Democrats would be the removal of Sara, whose role as the heart beat away Maverik is becoming difficult to maintain, to a substantial choice for GOP Veep. Sorry Joe that excludes you, yet again.

Nancy K

Your website is the first I go to every morning and I so value your opinion.
I would like to see Hilary replace Reid in the Sente, and definitly Hagel some where in his cabinet.
I suppose that before we pick Obama's Cabinet for him we shold just hope and pray he wins.
I fear for our country if McCain/Palin is elected.


I thought you might like this one:


"And it was in watching the replay that I picked up my absolute favorite unsung moment of the debate.

It came when Senator McCain was stumbling with Ahmadinejad's name. He was stumbling hard, almost unable to get the name or any semblance of it pronounced. Very quietly, but audibly Senator Obama can be heard saying something. In the first viewing, I knew he had said something there, but was unable to decipher exactly what he had said. In listening to the replay it's easy to hear his comment.

He quietly acknowledged to Senator McCain "That's a tough one." When I heard his remark, his gracious nod to the Senator's struggle to pronounce a very difficult name, his compassion for the man, I choked up. It humbled me. It made me briefly look inward, and feel lesser for originally maybe hoping that it was some cutting barb. And it showed him as a man greater than politics, greater for inspiring empathy and compassion for a fellow man."

Cold War Zoomie

Your choice kind of saddens me. Not because I disagree. Rather, it highlights how limited our choices are thanks to an entrenched two party system.

If I had to sum up my political beliefs, I'm a Rockefeller Republican with isolationist leanings and a devout social libertarian in the sense that the federal government should not be involved in all these "wedge" issues.

The GOP has abandoned people like me. They drive me absolutely crazy.


My goodness, an SST love fest. And I don't object.



The Persico's name is not that hard

it's the agglutination- or the stickiness that makes it appear difficult.

his last name basically is "Ahmadi" from "Nejad" or Nezad

Ahmadi + Nejad


German is notorious for joining words to form super words.

I was just fortunate to see Mr. Mahmouds name broken down somewhere on the internets.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Cold War Zoomie, I understand your "cognitive dissonance." Tell ya what, I'm the great grandson of two Confederate soldiers and the nephew of two Klansmen, but I'll be happy to cast my vote for Obama. Why?

What I cherish as much as anything in the world is the U.S. Constitution and I was proud to take the oath to support and defend it. But for the last eight years I've seen an administration (and a compliant Congress) pretty much treat the Constitution like a petty reg that's easily waived.

Re the lineup, I'd be glad to see Chuck Hagel in the cabinet in most any capacity, or as national security advisor. Your point's well taken about the Republicans' incessant whine about how only they understand national defense. My read of Hagel is that he's very much his own man and may well be ready to get the hell out of Washington entirely.

Sen Clinton to the Supreme Court would be a good move, IF the Democrats pick up enough Senate Seats to spare her. Parenthetically, wouldn't that be the first time that a family has served in all three branches of gov't?

113 days till the Inauguration.

Dave of Maryland

A difficult choice. Yes, McCain is an erratic jerk, but Obama is hardly more than an armchair quarterback. Full of good ideas & pity slogans, full of I-told-you-sos, but can he lead?

He had two chances last week. One at the White House, the second at the debate. With 190 economists (at last count) screaming NO BAILOUT, with literally dozens of superior ideas, the would-be leader froze. Twice. This is ever the way with armchair warriors.

So we're in a foxhole. Under enemy fire. One would-be leader is an egotistical, bombastic, foul-tempered man who is likely to get us all killed, and for nothing. The other, the smooth-talking orator, is at this very minute sitting in a corner, huddling with his advisors, adding up the numbers. Over & over again. One reminds me of Custer. The other reminds me of McClellan.

At this point, we are usually told to pray, but I know where prayer goes, I know how prayer works & the best it can do are the likes of Richard Cheney.

If the dollar should lose its reserve currency status, if Bretton Woods were to be thrown out, if oil was to be priced by some other fashion, if the dollar were to tank, there are worse consequences than have been imagined. I read a story last week, forget where, of the Soviet Union in the 1970's. There wasn't much money, but rent was cheap. Food was cheap, but a tank of gas to get to the dacha was a month's wages. Why? Because oil was imported, and at the wellhead, not priced in roubles.

If oil were no longer priced in dollars, and if the dollar were to tank, the price of a gallon of gas would go to $20 - $30 overnight. If not higher still.

Big countries, like the US, Russia & China, depend on cheap transport for their very existence. Put gas at $20/gallon, and the long haul trucking industry disappears without trace. Same for the airlines. Which leaves us with rails & barges.

So how will New York be fed when most of its food comes from California? How will the cereal factories in Battle Creek get Captain Crunch to Los Angeles at a price anyone can afford? Have you been to the grocery store lately? Where will milk come from? Ever seen that on rails?

There's another story from the old Soviet days, of bountiful harvests in the Ukraine left to rot because there simply were not enough trains, not enough rolling stock, to get it to the starving cities. The US has an excellent freight rail system, but if it were to be our only transport system, would it be enough? Do we have enough track? Enough boxcars? If they were suddenly to become the only way to get food from one end of the country to the other?

What makes this different from the Depression is that, back then, we did not need to import oil. Now we do. Our very lives depend on cheap oil.

For God's sake. Get these blunderers out of here. NO BAILOUT.

Cold War Zoomie


I didn't word my comment very well. My vote is going to Obama as well. Rather than being happy that Col Lang and others have decided the same, I think Col Lang's decision highlights how many of us are not served by either political party.

Once the Dems get in power they will start moving left again after being dragged to the center by the GOP these last 25 years. The GOP will then get dragged back to the center to regain power. I often joke with one of my coworkers that I'll be voting Republican again in a couple of decades. My moderate, centrist views change little while the parties slide back and forth through me.


You sure about that?

You have clearly failed to look at the background of Obama. You stated he is slightly more left than you'd like -- SLIGHTLY?

This young man is a socialist through and through. The tax cuts for 95% of Americans includes a straight up handout to the 40% that don't pay taxes. This is simple redistribution of wealth at the expense of those who work hard to feed, house and care for our own families. Obama doesn't call it Socialism though - his code word is "neighborliness".


Colonel and other "eggheads" in this blog -
I am asking myself - and would want others to ask this question also - and to try to resolve it - 'what will happen to the upper 5 % of population if the scenario of Dave of Maryland becomes reality? Will this thin crust of society still prosper if the country falls into such dire condition? And is it not a matter of self-preservation of the society to introduce the 'neighbourliness' vel 'socialism' ? I am not a socialist but I am just thinkig...
Please help me, I am at a loss, I am not trying to be cute.

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