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04 September 2008


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Leila Abu-Saba

If Americans buy this stuff then the republic deserves its end. I hope we are not so dumb as all this. Lord have mercy.


Why not call it an "Evita moment"?

Don't cry for me Wasilla
The truth is I never left you
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance

And as for fortune, and as for fame
I never invited them in

They are illusions
I love you and hope you love me


Col. Lang:

Agreed. She's good. But the press isn't done with her yet. The McCain campaign's effort to suppress the press attempts to resolve the inconsistencies in Palin's political narrative is beginning to backfire.

After Palin's speech Brian Williams read verbatim a paragraph from Joe Klein's blog about this very issue.

Klein wrote:

"But I hope my colleagues stand strong in this case: it is important for the public to know that Palin raised taxes as governor, supported the Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it, pursued pork-barrel projects as mayor, tried to ban books at the local library and thinks the war in Iraq is "a task from God." The attempts by the McCain campaign to bully us into not reporting such things are not only stupidly aggressive, but unprofessional in the extreme."

Sound to me like the battle is joined and I don't think the press is going to lose this one. Palin's attempts at stalling the Alaska legislature's independent investigation notwithstanding.


"Why was the infant there at all?"

Because the child was simply a prop to be used to her advantage.

I agree that it was a good speech but way to angry and mean-spirited for an introduction to the country.

If she goes all out on Obama, the angry bitter woman factor will work against her.

IMHO, watch females turn on her once her "values" are more defined by the Obama camp.

I am assuming Obama will hit her hard in my analysis. lol


Umm, for those of us not being able to watch: Did she actually say something on politics? What were her talking points?


Biden actually merits the best endorsement, and he's a certified blowhard.

Palin would be ideal if your aim was reducing the VP's influence.

Cheney's Senate Pres.Office is the belly of the beast.

Biden probably has enough contacts to do what Cheney is doing and not skip a beat.

Does he really like having Hillary's celebrated former appointments director as a chief of staff? How long before that goes nukular? Probably happens the next time she cancels all business for a season series DVD of some television show such as Grey's Anatomy(again).

It would make for quite a reality TV epsidoe. Maybe CSpan can work on that.

John Moore

On a variation of the phrase, "Don't confuse motion with action.", don't confuse campaign speeches with winning or the effectiveness of an administration. By the above criteria in your post (intelligence, public speaking, etc.), Hillary should have won the other party's nomination, but she didn't.

Your observations are astute, but small town America may be hurting more from high energy and food prices than the urban areas. My father lives in the Davis Mountains of West Texas and gasoline was around $4.50/gallon there for a while. Food prices have soared due to the ethanol mandate, but both are likely higher in rural America due to shipping costs as well. The GOP and government policy haven't been very kind to either the sophisticates (except for the extremely wealthy) or unsophisticates, but even the unsophisticated eventually figure out when they've been had. If Obama asked the question, "Are you better off now than you were eight years ago?", the answer for most would be in the negative.

Clifford Kiracofe


1. Her foreign policy advisers will no doubt be from the Neocon and Necon-ish crowd. We should watch how she staffs up.

2. Washington Times has a useful piece on her Christian Zionism.

"Historically, the Assemblies of God have been dispensationalists, which means they believe in 'the rapture' of Christians that takes them out of the world," said Mr. Matthews. "Central to that position is a very strong support for Israel. It's integral to their view of both prophecy and politics. Denying Israel is almost like denying the faith."

To decode this go to Wiki and read entries for "Dispensationalism" and "Rapture."

3. Col Lang has raised the nuclear war issue. The "End Times/Last Days" scenario of the Dispensationalists includes nuclear war. The countries involved include Russia, China, and Iran as the enemy, according to John Hagee's book "Jerusalem Countdown" and other Dispensationalist writers like Hal Lindsay and Tim LaHaye whose books sell by the tens of millions in the US.

In the scenario, Christian Zionist believers ("the saints") will be lifted bodily into Heaven by the "Rapture" so as to not undergo the nuclear war. ("pre-tribulation" interpretation)

The End Times clock started ticking in 1948 with the establishment of Israel. The 1967 war that "unified" Jerusalem is interpreted as a further indication and clock tick.

4. I would not underestimate Palin's vote getting capability. This is why the strategists put her on the ticket. From the Pro-Israel Lobby point of view, one can argue it is safer for a willing non-Jew to do the work of the Lobby so as not to trigger "anti-Semitism." Thus Palin and not Lieberman.

She will rally the Christian Zionist base of the Republican Party who WILL come out to vote for HER.

Experts say we are looking at between 25 and 50 million Americans in this "Evangelical" category but not all are of voting age of course.

Some estimate "Evangelicals" are split about 70 percent conservative/Fundamentalist and 30 percent liberal. A portion of the 30 percent will go to Obama and he has a religious outreach coordination team etc..

5. What type of cancer does McCain have? Melanoma or what? Will he last even 4 years, or will he be severely incapacitated by cancer while in office?

6. The Obama-Biden ticket is "intellectual" and vulnerable. Democrats are fragmented.

The Palin-McCain ticket is now mystical-nationalist-populist and, seemingly well positioned to win.

7. Does Bush need to strike at the "Medo-Persians" (Rev. Hagee and the CZ formulation) prior to Election Day to spike mystical-nationalist support for Palin-McCain, or is it ok now to wait till after..but before Inauguration Day?


Watching Palin last night, I could only think it was the apatheosis of media politics. It was so strange to watch her offer testimonials for a man she's met twice. Who is she to testify for McCain? Even those who follow politics closely didn't know who she was before last week. Most of the people cheering her didn't know who she was, either. Most high ranking officeholders in her own party have never met her and were until mere days ago uncertain about how to pronounce her name. Where's her credibilty? She hasn't even given an interview since she became the VP choice.

The answer, of course, is that she exists largely at the level of symbol. People are projecting onto her what they want--a culture war champion--and she is playing right into that projection. She has assumed a role in that larger drama, and so conventional credibility does not matter anymore. The only "credibility" that matters is the ability to play a role on tv.

(I guess I must have a heart of stone myself, but I was unmoved by the baby they were parading around. Well, perhaps not "unmoved," I felt sorry for him, being used as a prop in a show he cannot comprehend. I have a small baby at home right now, and she'd have been scared out of her wits in such a setting. The Palin child looked fine, though, so perhaps the thunderous noise and kleig lights and late hour didn't faze him.)


Like Pat Buchanan's speech at one of the conventions - 1992? Turns one off the Republicans for a generation.


1. I was not moved by "lovely young girl" holding the baby. In fact, thought she was holding the infant in a reckless manner.

2. On the other hand, I was highly moved by how, she, the youngest daughter, was the first one to get up and acknowledge the cheers of the crowd at the point in the speech where Palin mentioned her daughters. Not only was she the first to get up...but she signaled to the older kids to get up as well. This kid is a natural.

3. Matthews understands a very small, but vitally important, slice of American life. Other than that slice of life he is utterly and arrogantly, clueless and borderline insane, at time. In any event....he got it wrong in my opinion. The McCain/Palin ticket, and the GOP itself, are not running against "all the city stuff". They are running against the future. And in the short term, they have a slight chance of winning via the ballot. The so called 'greatest generation' is still around. But 2008 is the last inning for them. The GOP will not be able to win with the ballot, in the future, against the future. They will either change their positions...see Conservative Party in UK...or they will have to find some other way of dealing with the future away from the ballot box. I deem them highly capable of doing the latter.



'if' the mccain-palin team makes into the oval office, and as mccain's alzheimers progresses, palin will then assume more and more the decision making of the president, that is 'unless' mccain's aides throw up roadblocks in her way. and if mccain's health condition can no longer be 'hidden' by his aides, palin will then be required to move into the presidential seat, irregardless of whether mccain's aides like it or not.


Gynecology trumps ideology?

I think they will have a small bump in the polls, perhaps not if McCain turns in his usual lack luster performance and steps on Palin's stronger than expected performance.

Whatever the effect short term, she will have to answer questions contemporaneously eventually, and I do not think that anti media tempest will protect her if she turns out to be a know nothing.

Sidney O. Smith III

Political Birth of a Republican Norma Rae

Brilliantly done, Republicans. Congratulations.

I know this kind of woman. And while I have starkly different beliefs, I respect them greatly. They will save you when things are tough. When you are down and out, they will pull you up.

And if you don’t believe me, just ask John McCain. He is so charged now he probably thinks he is young again and flying combat missions against the Russians and its surrogate State. You know…Iran.

And let’s fact it -- preparing the US for war against Iran is the only goal of the Republican convention. Nothing else really matters.

And make no mistake about it. Men will fight for her. Men will kill for her. Men will die for her. She is the archetypal evangelical Army wife, sister and mother -- now taking orders from John McCain.


"I'm a barbie girl, living in a barbie world..." great that she could preach to the prior but her lack of addressing the issues that the electorate will care about this year does not bode well. I suspect she has already shown more than enough rope to hang herself with.

Nancy K

I enjoyed reading the comments, I could not bear to watch or listen to her. This us against them theme is just too painful. Wasn't that the theme of a certain European leader some 70 years ago. I also thought it telling when Cindy McCain mentioned taking off our Republican hats and putting on our American hats. Last time I checked Republicans and Democrats are Americans first but obviously not.


It was a good speech. She connect with the crowd. She reiterate basic republican values without touching controversies.

Which means Democrats has to focus instead of coasting like originally thought few days ago.

Palin still has to show she can play in national politics tho'. Reading a canned speech is different than road campaign, impromptu TV question or debate.


I think jonst makes an excellent point that the Republicans are indeed running against the future, but they are the “conservative” party, so we should expect nothing less. Fear and avoidance of the future is a common trait of humanity.

If nothing else, McCain and company have proven themselves able political strategists. The selection of Palin was a risky, bold call by a politician who does not know the meaning of the word quit. Palin draws a clear distinction between the two camps, provides a obviously effective means of attacking the Democratic ticket while minimizing return fire, and highlights the stark cultural differences between the two parties. I would never have imagined that McCain would have this sort of strength at this point in the campaign. Whatever else you want to say about the old Air Pirate, he’s played what appears to be a losing hand to its fullest.

The choice of Palin demonstrates that McCain can be as good a cultural warrior as previous Republican nominees. We’re now back to the Republicans’ favorite election game – city vs. rural, elite vs. middle class, coastal liberalism vs. heartland conservatism. Forget the issues… this is all about cultural warfare.

It’s actually hard to believe, but McCain and company have given themselves a shot at winning an election that up until a month or two ago looked unwinnable. The debates will now be critical. So say what you will about the “old” man, but up until now he’s run an impressive campaign considering his many, many handicaps. And no… I’m not a McCain voter.


Palin is a talented actress and news (teleprompter) reader, well trained and rehearsed as a journalism and poli sci MS graduate from a Tier 3 state university who read tv sportscasts night after night from the teleprompter.

She did not write the speech.

A careful analysis of the language she and Giuliani used would imply that both speeches were written by the same speechwriter group. Many of the jokes she used like the hockey mom/lipstic one, she had used before were interwoven to personalize a generic Republicn stump speech. The speech highlighted her history and showed her self-conficence and spunk. It really told us little about her qualifications other than that she has brains, spunk, and grit. At least we know she is not stupid like some other VP candidates who have previously been foisted upon the electorate in earlier elections.

The praise of McCain could not have come from any personal knowledge of the candidate. She has barely met John McCain. In all, the Palin persona we saw last night is the creation of her tv producers who are real pros. Since the speech was not her own writing, we have few clues about her real political positions or her ethics.

So, who is this Palin who likely will soon be a heartbeat away from the presidency?

Is she an Eliza Doolittle invented by the Republican spinsters?

Is she a soap opera character playing family stress and strife?

Is she some pentacostalist conservative nut job who does not understand the basic laws of science and the universe who is intent on imposing her narrowist views on all of U.S.?

Or is she the town bully who uses her office to pursue personal vendettas and censor books in the library?

Or is she the Hepburn of Rooster Cogburn and African Queen.

We have no idea of who this woman really is, and likely never will. Her handlers, like Professor Henry Higgins, will never let her out of their control and sight until her utility to them is exhausted. Only then will we know who she really is...unless the heartbeat stops and she really becomes president. Then we may be pleasantly, or unpleasantly, surprised. That is the problem with having an unknown dropped upon the electorate a few weeks before the election. There is simply not enough time for us to learn who the real Sarah Palin is.

It's a hell of a way to run a baseball team!


The so called "unthinking" portion of the US population baffles my mind.

It is hard to believe that they might again fall once again for what GOP operative Noonan calls "political bullshit about narratives and youthfulness and the picture".

(Rem.: Eg. Think of the Bush ranch. It has never had any cows, sheep, horses, etc. It is not a real ranch. Bush is a `cowboy' that has never mended a barbed wire fence or branded a steer. I challenge anyone to find a cowboy-esque picture of Bush that pre-dates 2000. How about a picture of Bush on a horse??? Despite this glaring absence of real data, people think he's a cowboy?? wtf???)

Hopefully, the `non-thinkers', will realize the fact that are being used by the GOP as canon fodder in the ME, as permanently chained beasts of burden in the US, etc.


I'm really tired of the Moral Values Party, and I really hope the Obama/Biden campaign has its act together to get the vote out on Nov. 4.

With respect to Sarah, I'm all for the media keeping hands off the children, and it's none of my business if her teenage daughter gets knocked up. But Gov. Palin wants to incorporate her personal moral/religious views into public policy. She doesn't want my kids (or anyone's kids) to learn about contraceptives in 7th grade health class. I'll leave her children alone, if she'll leave my children alone.



Sen. Obama campaigned for and won 18 million votes.

Gov. Palin gave a well delivered speech.

Since when is being a community organizer a dirty word to middle America?



The McCain/Palin message will resonate with a public that is feeling insecure. The promise is a return to the '90s or before: drilling, $2.00/gal at the pump, tax cuts, more jobs, and victory over Islamic terror and Russian expansion, no abortion, and
creationism in the curriculum.


why was the infant there?

except for the moments when she delivered the scripted speech, she was surrounded by family

the infant is part of the political act

stephen colbert plays a stereotype on comedy central

sarah plays a stereotype in political theatre

"hockey mom" is the cultural antithesis to yesterday's "soccer mom"

the "culture war" continues unabated

Maureen Lang

Lots of sound & fury last night on the RNC stage- AP's Jim Kuhnhenn weighs in on the "truthiness" of the speakers' remarks:

"Attacks, Praise Stretch Truth At GOP Convention"

Will Bunch of the Philly Daily News wins the headline of the day award IMO:

"Palin's Speech To Nowhere"

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