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16 September 2008


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From a purely partisan point of view, its a bit sad to see the democratic answer to this challenge, hte seemingly onesided (righteous) blasting of the repubs without any substantive ideas or practical projects behind. Its good that they have started to punch, but it needs to be combinations.

I would be interested in hearing the august personages of this blogs opinion on one subject: To what extent does this structural crisis tie in with the political crisis of the US? How much of this can be assigned to the Enron-like camraderie/open corruption that we have seen so much of in this administration? And where, oh where have all the money spent on the Twin Wars gone? Out of the country? Salted down? Pissed away? Where have the large US contractors put *their* loot? Thats what I would like to know. Haliburton?

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