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27 September 2008


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DaveGood - That BS about McC starting the Forrestal disaster was started by the right-wing Republican freepers back in 2000, when he was running against their chosen one. They swiftboated him the same way they swiftboated Kerry in 2004 and Max Cleland in 2002. We should not be stooping to their level by repeating slanderous BS like that.

However, I have no problem if you want to call McCain a reverse Ace with his score of -5 US aircraft.



Fair point.

If this story originated from right wing Freepers and Swift boaters... I was not aware of it.

How sick must they feel now?

"Reverse Ace" is a phrase that made me grin.


Gerald Loftus

Pat, excellent post, and important insight from a gentleman and scholar.

Here's my take on McCain's erratic behavior:


Keep up the good work.

Jerry Loftus


Did McCain have anything to do with Georgia's invasion of Ossetia? He had a Noble Leaders Speech ready to go when it happened. I personally am not sure that I am a Georgian Now. Tugging on the bear's tail doesn't make sense right now. Putin can say, "Yeah, you and what army?" The one that has been taught to do counterinsurgency in Iraq, and whose tanks are too warn out to imagining them swarming the fields of Europe?


@ Sidney O Smith III,

I rather suspect they stayed away from the NIE because it hinges almost entirely on Iranian intentions.

Can't see a pol trying to sell that to an electorate not exactly renowned for its understanding or trust of Iranian intentions.

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