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22 August 2008


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Long-range planning does have benefit. Here in America, we judge everything in terms of “Q1/Q2”, “this election cycle”, “before the end of Bush’s term” and such other short-term artifice. We are in a hurry to go nowhere.

Many cultures around the world only move when the conditions (or seasons, as they like to say) are advantageous to their goals. Amhadinejad wears no tie, looks like he slept in his clothes, but he has patience. He takes the insults in stride and never changes his tune.

The slogans employed for war in Iraq: WMDs, regime change, enforcement of UN mandates, “The Surge” are never-ending. Bush, Petraeus and now McCain have sold themselves (and too much of the American public) into believing that the USA is winning in Iraq. Did our guys realize that paid Sunni mercenaries would never survive a religious blood feud once the money dried up?

The just-signed U.S./Iraq agreement ends our presence there and it will be the benchmark for the America’s defeat. The effect will more disastrous than Vietnam because our standing and influence (especially in economic terms) in the world is much weaker than it was thirty or forty years ago.

Thanks to our Iraq misadventure, Iran will step forward as masters of a Shia-dominated Iraq. Without having fired a shot, Iran will have accomplished what it could not when Saddam was alive. Containment is still a wise military choice.

Grunts have died and suffered, American tax payers have been robbed, but when will the perpetrators of this disaster be held responsible?

anna missed

Marcus wrote:
"What this country needs is a ruthless strongman willing to slaughter thousands for any threat to his power. Doh"

If the US does drop the Sons of Iraq program, that would indicate, along with Basra,Sadr City, Mosel, Amara, and Diyala that the US is indeed on course of turning Maliki into a post occupation military (Son of Saddam) dictator, dependent on several large US military installations somewhere out there in the desert.


Hmm.....seems that Iraqi PM wants some 'changes'......


Iraq PM Demanding Changes To US Military Deal - Ally


I am sorry people, we are not going to get out of Iraq by 2011. The game rule has now been changed. Russia is in.

Watch this, the Iraq war is about to enter "real" war phase. One that threatened US existence economically. The militarily.

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