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31 August 2008


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Yours Truly

To Serving Patriot : I salute you, sir!...too bad you can't see it.

Maureen Lang

"This past Friday Governor Sarah Palin jolted the 24 hour news cycle into wall-to-wall coverage of John McCain’s unexpected choice for his VP slot..."

Apparently things are getting more unexpected for Mrs. Palin & John McCain with every passing day:

Palins Announce That Teen Daughter Is Pregnant-

Leila Abu-Saba

OK I should NOT be reading more of this stuff...

And I agree with Obama that we should all drop the talk about pregnancies and babies and such....

but there is this little animation in a DKos comment thread that says it all - our id in motion - work safe, not obscene:


Made me laugh...

Back to being serious and concerned and determined to take the high road (chortle, chortle)

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