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09 August 2008


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5th generation is the one Rice and Medvedev yelling at each other on global news while nobody cares and the war rages on.

Incidentally, I wonder if Pentagon really believes on this 5th generation idea and was training Georgia's troop on anti insurgency preparing for Chechnya situation. (saw some pictures floating around. completely silly)

But Russia having deep connection in there decides clown show time is over. They want the whole thing back before bigger NATO scheme enters georgia.

Russia really needs to wants georgia coast to control entire oil supply line (actually just georgia's big oil port) This way they can control Ukraine and black sea. They are having trouble making Ukraine to renew the black sea navy base contract.

The balkan game is very ancient. the little conflicts and wars are all dating back to medieval time. Both WWII started in that area because bunch of super power thinks they know what they are doing...then get sucked into giant ever expanding conflicts.

Just watch, the Balkan will make Sunnis-Shia conflict in Iraq created by state dept. clown looks like second grade drama night.

Btw, I think Ukraine is gone. the PM-president installed by Bush regime change project won't last much longer. And Russia seems serious about regaining control of black sea.

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