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28 July 2008


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Having at times been in hospital for several weeks, I understand the tedium patients feel. I can understand that patients might feel bored by a visit from a 4star general, but this was from the phenomenon Obama. Someone hundreds of thousands turn out to see. Someone to talk about, write home about. The visit was planned, scheduled, patients were looking forward to it. It was called off for the most futile of reasons.
Who cares if a silly woman on a London red bus tried to take photos of BO with her cell phone? Princess Diana was popular because she made secret visits to the needy. Those visits only came out after she died.

Anti Obama.net

The McCain camp better start focusing on issues or else they're not doing themselves any favors. I would think they'd let the 3rd parties do the mudslinging for them. Maybe there's none around this time, though.


Agree. We've worked closely with the political operation in 2000 and his office and Committee staff 2000-2003 on a host of issues on the Hill. Definitely my sense too that McCain does not believe a shred of this; as we are 100% sure re the social conservative nonsense he must chase and pretends to adopt as his own.

On the otoh, remember also Bush 41 and the venality of his attacks in both '88 and '92. For elder Bush, at least, he compartmentalized what he did in a campaign and what and how he governed.

Campaigns and how they are run do matter. And unfortunately, this is not the McCain we supported, worked on the ground for in South Carolina in 2000, or per supra, worked with 2000-2003. Very sad.


i believe mccain is absolutely right about mr. hussein obama. mr. hussein obama's actions over the last four-five years certainly speak for themselves. in addition, to defend kerry's war record is absurd. he was an opportunist (at best) who cheated and lied about his military service whenever he thought it would serve his political ambition. then, upon his return to the us, quickly sensing the power of the radicalized political climate, he changed his strategy and began slandering the troops merely to further his political career. now, i almost hope mr. hussein obama wins the election - a large segment of america certainly deserves it. what a sad spectacle to see the great america succumb to the blatantly deceitful media gymnastics of a certified leftist and dangerously unexperienced politician. hysteria is what it is.

sad dane.

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