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17 July 2008


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Spider Rider wrote:

"This isn't personal.
Why are you making it such?"

Spider Rider:

Pfui. Too busy to care personally and there's not a single such syllable in my entire prior post. Why not just respond substantively?

A little obvious, dude.




"no one is acknowledging the US need for oil, integrated with future world strategic defense position"

I think, Sir, we all acknowledge the US need for oil, the problem is that, as President Bush correctly states, the US is "addicted" to oil.

The available solutions are therefore:

1. Do nothing and maintain the addiction.

2. Maintain the addiction and corner the world's supply of oil.

3. Kick the oil habit.

President Bush's policy seems to be number Two.

As for a world strategic defence position, defence from what? Name the threat.


The more Condi talks peace, the weirder military news become. (any update on the parading Israel generals to WH/Pentagon?)


Military blogger Defense Springboard notes that Congress has been notified by a Defense panel that Israel has requested purchase of double the amount of jet fuel (JP-8) it purchased last year. "'On July 11, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Israel of unleaded gasoline, JP-8 aviation jet fuel, and diesel fuel. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $1.3 billion. The Government of Israel has requested a possible sale of 28,000,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline, 186,000,000 gallons of JP-8 aviation jet fuel, and 54,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel. The estimated cost is $1.3 billion.' ... JP-8 requests are not new....But the size of the buy is impressive. In July 2006, Israel requested up to $210 dollars-worth of JP-8. In September 2004, Israel requested up to $102 million dollars worth of JP-8...."


also, tell me this is not idiocy. People has been talking how condi can sustain her war mongering with oil price so high. (now they are talking... "unforeseeable"?

Whew, give it few more week and see her performance. We are going to talk about the beginning of dollar run.

Indeed, a US official involved with Iran policy wrote me a couple weeks back that high oil prices had severely crimped their policy: "It’s clear that the two-track policy put in place a number of years ago (incentives vs. sanctions) has been overtaken somewhat by the unforeseeable and dramatic rise in oil prices. Iran’s GDP has doubled, and they are more isolated from the effects of economic sanctions. At the same time the Iranians have made significant progress on enrichment. There are many, many more economic sanctions in the quiver, but we have carefully resisted imposing economic sanctions, unilaterally or multilaterally, that would significantly affect the Iranian people. Our goal remains an Iran without nuclear weapons, and our strategy remains the two-track approach. In light of the rise in oil prices and Iran’s enrichment achievements, the interim objectives that the two-track strategy should be aiming to achieve is something everyone is looking at, and there is no question that there is a way forward. ..."


Dana Jones

I have to agree with Duncan Kinder, and in addition add that foreign investment markets are starting to see Wall Street for what it really has become: A Three-Card Monte game. The whole thing is now rigged only to generate profits for those at the top of the pyramid. Look at the news regarding Starbucks: Stores were being opened purely to meet Wall St expectations, and for no other legitimate reason.
So if we are becoming isolated, its of our own making, we have exported our jobs and our debt, the only thing we have left to export is bombs & bullets, and even giving them away (joke here) is having a negative effect at home. Now the military is so stretched that if the Afganis & Pakistanis get into it, we will have very little options except to observe and keep our fingers crossed in the hope things work out our way, as we can no longer have any real influence for the positive. The NeoKlowns have screwed things up so badly that it would take a twenty year term for Obama to even try to fix.
God help us if McCain is elected instead, we will just see a continuation of failed NeoKlown policies.

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