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27 June 2008


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Clifford Kiracofe

Their position with respect to the "Unitary Executive", the Imperial Presidency, is well known. Hence no surprises here.

One can argue that as Straussians, they simply assert the doctrines of Strauss's Nazi mentor, Carl Schmitt.

Another way to view it would be they assert the concept of "royal prerogative" as did the Court Party in England. They assimilate the Office of the President of the United States into that of an absolutist monarch. This is nothing new in Anglo-American legal and political history. See, for example, Robert Filmer


wow, this is breathtaking.

this really reminds me of trials against high powered white collar criminals with money where so many times the prosecution is simply out-gunned.

It's interesting that John Yoo is a professor at Berkeley of all places.

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