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20 June 2008


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Colonel, Rick,

i would also add that israel's military machine today is not a real army of trained professionals, but a band of bullies who have bullied, beat and whipped old men, women, and children armed only with slingshots. israel's 'invasion' into lebanon in 06 showed just how much of a rag-tag band of bullies that israel's military machine has become and how less and less of a real military machine. the whole mideast neighborhood thought bubble that israel's military was invincible, that bubble was burst with the reality in 06.

the majority targets the iaf has had for the last several years, has been old men, women, and children with slingshots, not aaa batteries and an opposition air force armed to teeth.

like you said Colonel, a one way trip for many.


Colonel, All,

Seymour Hersh of the new yorker talks about the bush admin.s covert ops going on inside Iran.


Ish de Leon

Colonel Lang,
I just want to say thank you Sir, for sharing your unique perspective and experienced analysis.
I value information obtained by my fellow Americans more than I do any other news source.
It looks like I will be entertained for a while just trying to catch up on this one thread.

Bill Dennison

Iraqi airspace 'must not be used in strike'

By Basil Adas,
Gulfnews.com correspondent

14 July 2008

Baghdad: The Iraqi government has asked the United States to prevent Israel from using its airspace in any possible attack on Iran, Gulf News has learnt.

According to a senior official, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari "conveyed to the US ambassador in Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, on Friday a message from the government that Iraq doesn't accept the use of Iraqi space by Israeli jets," that could launch aerial attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities.

Full piece Here.

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